Monopoly Slots Ahaaa I'm Just So Flustered, Do We Have To Constantly Remind Monopoly Slots People That They Need 2 Give Us Our Daily Bonus?

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seriously, seems like you have no regards for your daily players...I've had to write a reminder, to you guys, 11 times already..and this will be the 12th one!  Just because of this, we should be given 2 daily bonuses, so that you makeup for your negligence!

thank you


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2 daily bonus? You mean besides gifts?

I just started playing this monopoly slots I only got like 300,000 to bet. so 30 spins at 10k your out, it gives you Very Tiny gifts enough for 1 or 2 spins at a low amount. come on.  then of course as soon as your out, it pops up it's Poster To Buy Coins.  Fu.....k No.8 dollars for 3 million coins. You just lose it in 10 mins at best. they only give out 50 bonuses one a day, and they don't even work when you click them. so it is all aimed at making you buy coins to get anywhere on the monopoly board.  its all Propaganda, and it is a Monopoly :) 

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