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Tips & Tricks

Ich habe mich noch nie so in eine App verliebt, wie in monopoly Slots! Der Spaß ist garantiert und das beste an monopoly Slots: die quests...Durch farbenfrohe

  • Posted by MarcoTiggerTekk
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This game really isn't hard...

Tips & Tricks

You just have to play smart.  Bet small till you get in the millions.  Even then don't bet it all in like 10 spins.  I went from 105,000 coins to over

  • Posted by JohnDoeactive
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Need New Friends!

Tips & Tricks

Please, I'm new at this game & REALLY love it! Can I get some new friends who play daily? I ALWAYS send my gifts out EVERY morning! I faithfully play

  • Posted by TrishArruda
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