Monster Busters Monster Busters Cheats: Speed Up , Match 3 is 5

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Monster Busters using Cheat Engine includes:

  • Match3 becomes Match4 or Match5 : Setting both AOB to match 5 may (with high chance) cause the stage end bonus chain reaction unstoppable.
  • Speed Up : A part of animation using same duration, some may fade out fast, use if need.

This cheat is old and might not work anymore.  Feel free to like or dislike and post comments.

Tools Needed:


Using the Monster Busters Cheat File:

  1. Open your Cheat Engine
  2. Load the Monster_Busters_Cheat.CT File
  3. Select the right process to choose on cheat engine (Flash Player Plugin)
  4. Play Monster Busters on Facebook  
  5. When the game is loading reached 90%, set the cheat engine speed hack to 0 then click apply
  6. Check Speed Game hack then restore cheat engine speed hack to 1.0 then click apply
  7. When the game completely load 100%, Check match 3 and match 4 hack
  8. Check the game if the hacks works.

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Discuss Monster Busters Cheats: Speed Up , Match 3 is 5


How do you make selected specials? Or a stripped bomb?

Pls help I don't know how to make a striped bomb 

dos not work eneymore

dos not work eneymore


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