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Old Vegas Slots

Announcing the BLACK DIAMOND ULTIMATE BET CHALLENGE! December 11 - 15, 2018 Participate by Purchasing $75 or more during the promo and you could share in an unbelievably rare 200,000,000 Prize Pool Keep your eyes on the ULTIMATE PRIZE >>> https://bit.ly/2UCwfGX Challenge requirements have been sent to your inbox. Daily status update will be sent via inbox. Winners awarded via inbox on December 16, 2018

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Old Vegas Slots

Like and Share! It'sBonus Time, but to claim this prize you have to LIKE and Share! Enjoy the Free Credits & remember that sharing is caring ♥ Like, Share or Comment to Claim your GIFT! >>> https://bit.ly/2G9obdA

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Old Vegas Slots

Here’s a mini math quiz to put you in the holiday mood! Think quick and comment with your 3 answers below! There’s a 100,000 Christmassy credits prize to divide! Mini treat for all of you wise owls >>> https://bit.ly/2EnQ93N

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Old Vegas Slots

TWO WAYS 2 WIN Free Coins! Step up your spins and get your freebie here >>> https://bit.ly/2L8uKfB

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Old Vegas Slots

TWO WAYS 2 WIN is on! Make ANY Purchase and WIN the BIGGER COIN AMOUNT of the two: Percentage of your Daily Bets OR your Daily WINS! Either way you win! >>> https://bit.ly/2zQ4GBk * Bonus will be sent to your inbox and will include 1% of the highest between the 2 options, limited to highest daily purchase

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Old Vegas Slots

You want'em? You got'em! OVS BONUS CREDITS! Sit back & Enjoy your SPINNING! Like Share & comment below to let your friends know! Get your freebie here >>> https://bit.ly/2PsVOXo

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Old Vegas Slots

Sunday Trivia: In which hotel is the nightclub 'Rum Jungle' located? Think you know the answer? Comment below to enter a 100,000 credits draw! Quick thinkers get a credits freebie >>> https://bit.ly/2rpG0uQ

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Old Vegas Slots

10x Wheel Multiplier is ACTIVE! Get up to 10x more CREDITS with just a QUICK SPIN! Like, share & comment to spread the word! For free CREDITS! Click here >>> https://bit.ly/2L6jOim

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Old Vegas Slots

A New First Time Ever Black Diamond Experience is COMING SOON! Stay tuned…there’s an ALL TIME record to break! Here’s a taste of what’s to come >>> https://bit.ly/2RG5i3k

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Old Vegas Slots

Hi Spinners! If you had difficulty with purchases yesterday, please be aware this was a Facebook issue that has now been resolved. Thanks for your patience and enjoy some spins on us! >>> https://bit.ly/2UueZDK You can also contact our support team at [email protected] They are happy to assist.

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Old Vegas Slots

Can you find two identical symbols? Look closely and once you spot them, put your answer in the comments below! Freebie for speedy spotters >>> https://bit.ly/2L0uyPt

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Old Vegas Slots

Free Credits are just the ticket to a great weekend! Recharge & regenerate your bankroll! ✈ Head to destination WINS with Free Credits fuel >>> https://bit.ly/2ATRk6Q

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Old Vegas Slots

Hi Winners! Take aim ️ at some FREE CREDITS! Like Share & comment below to spread the word! New wins are on your horizon >>> UPDATED LINK>>> https://bit.ly/2QDNXeh

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Old Vegas Slots

Wake up! Spin 2 Win is here! Start spinning and aim for the 🏔top to win a share of 50,000,000 credits! Take your credits balance to the next level! Start with this freebie >>> https://bit.ly/2BSU462

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Old Vegas Slots

New Game Double Bonus – time to double up! We’re giving you double the freebie! Hit the reels and spin our New Game or your regular favorite! We see wins in your future >>> https://bit.ly/2KYzwfq

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Old Vegas Slots

Word Scramblers, get to it! Do your best and share your answer in the comments below. 5 Winners will share the coin draw! Hint: think SALE We hope you like your Free Credits scrambled >>> https://bit.ly/2zMSbGR

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Old Vegas Slots

5X SALE – LIMITED TIME ONLY! Don’t miss this opportunity to pamper yourself with more credits! Stock up with UNBEATABLE 5X SALE DEALS just in time for our NEW GAME! >>> https://bit.ly/2PpcH5c

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Old Vegas Slots

This week's NEW Game is waiting for you! It’s a Jackpot Thriller! Give our newbie a spin and let us know what you think! We love hearing from YOU! FREE CREDITS delivery has arrived! >>> https://bit.ly/2BVyfmF

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Old Vegas Slots

Hi Winners! Take aim ️ at some FREE CREDITS! Like Share & comment below to spread the word! Enjoy the spins & wins >>> https://bit.ly/2PnwdyW

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Old Vegas Slots

Are you a Lotto Winner? Remember to check your numbers and see if you’ve won! THE WINNING NUMBERS ARE: 12, 63, 67, 3 and 47 Wishing you lots of luck >>> https://bit.ly/2QjlStl

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Old Vegas Slots

Make any Purchase today to get a Mystery Gift Tomorrow! Nothing mysterious about these FREE CREDITS >>> https://bit.ly/2Ekt9Tc *Mystery gift will be sent to your inbox.

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It’s time to draw the OVS Lottery numbers! Let’s see how many of you are winners! GOOD LUCK *In the case of multiple winners, prizes will be shared. Enjoy this freebie after the draw >>> https://bit.ly/2EfXvWV

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