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[Question] Quick Hits Bonuses

Why am I being told the bonus has expired when it says its from 2 hours ago?  It is for 3500 coins, so I would like to try and get an explanation so that I

  • Posted by KathyWelchSoito
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Welcome Quick Hit Slots Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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  • Last Post by AntonioTonni
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by ReynaldoParson
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by PrettyHeart27
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Quick Hit Players

  • Started by: CindyKeever
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Monedas Gratis

  • Started by: LorenaSol
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Tired To Fuking Arond !!!

  • Started by: MauriceTrudel
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Quick Hit Slots

❄The Winter Games are still LIVE! Join now, catch up on yesterday's winners and check out today's discipline:Snowboarding! Collect MORE Gold medals and drive your team to victory! Strike the GOLD!>>>https://goo.gl/DduFSc

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Quick Hit Slots

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Quick Hit Slots

The Winter Games are live & kickin'! Our 1st discipline today is Ski Jumping! Collect Gold medals by spinning & WIN an incredible reward! Spin 4 the Win>>>https://goo.gl/b1BAm3

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Quick Hit Slots

Welcome to the Winter Games❄! stretch your legs and let's get started with your 1st discipline on your way to the Gold medal! Start collectin'! Let the games begin>>>https://goo.gl/9uCiUU

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Quick Hit Slots

Martin Luther King JR. Day continues! Join the reels right now because a special mission is waiting for you! Join now to UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE Slots! Let's do this>>>https://goo.gl/aSdGYU

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Dear Quick Hitters! Give it up for Martin Luther King JR. Day! Let's celebrate his life & achievements! Collect FREE Coins here>>>https://goo.gl/RCy3rz

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What are you doing right now? Hot Shot Progressive Winter Wonderland & Quick Hit Platinum Holiday 7's are now unlocked! So don't wait another minute! Keep yourself warm while spinnin'>>>https://goo.gl/9BDNBo

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Quick Hit Slots

You've got a special mission today! Are you ready to reach the top of the rocks? Join the Level Up Challenge to make it happen! Let's do it>>>https://goo.gl/77kHEt

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Quick Hit Slots

We've got an EXCLUSIVE Slot! Join now to sneak a peek at Zhen Chan for a Limited Time! What are you waiting for? Grab FREE coins & spin! Fill the WIN meter>>>https://goo.gl/c2HTC5

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Quick Hit Slots

1 Hour, extra coins! Spin the bonus wheel to get yours! Stack up on your coins every 60 minutes! Claim 'em now>>https://goo.gl/VWi1qY

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Quick Hit Slots

The Winners challenge is comin' at you! Grab FREE coins and challenge yourself! WIN, WIN, WIN! >>> https://goo.gl/KBnGq4

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Quick Hit Slots

The Flintstones is NOW Featured! Get ready to Rock N Roll with the Stone Age family! Start spinnin'>>>https://goo.gl/nrznHh

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Quick Hit Slots

Tonight is going to be a great night! Super Monopoly Money Cool Nights & Epic Monopoly are OPEN! And guess what? We're giving out some FREE coins! Let's get spinnin'>>>https://goo.gl/6vU46a

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Quick Hit Slots

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Quick Hit Slots

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Quick Hit Slots

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Last Chance to Enjoy the Monopoly Fest! Keep spinnin' Super Monopoly Money Cool Nights & Epic Monopoly while you still can! Come on in! Let's go>>>https://goo.gl/4w7PKZ

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Quick Hit Slots

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