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Why am I being told the bonus has expired when it says its from 2 hours ago?  It is for 3500 coins, so I would like to try and get an explanation so that I can avoid losing a very precious bonus since I depend on these to play because the game allotages are not enough to play on and I for one cannot aford to buy any coins. Thank you kindly.

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e veramente bello questo gioco

Hi love to play,keeps me calm

I quit. No coins sob
Help @@!!
I'm looking for free coins anyone wanna help me out
Not enough coins
If your bonus says expired, try again later and itll be there. Good lord people , its a game not water...youre going to live and besides, theyre not YOUR coins until its in your account..geez entitled much ?
I wish I can answer this for you But it happens to me ALL THE TIME

well i hope u get your bonus everyone is entitlled

No use posting comment no one ever responds 

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