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Why am I being told the bonus has expired when it says its from 2 hours ago?  It is for 3500 coins, so I would like to try and get an explanation so that I can avoid losing a very precious bonus since I depend on these to play because the game allotages are not enough to play on and I for one cannot aford to buy any coins. Thank you kindly.

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yes I've been trying to get a bonus now for 3 days and its the same thing that the bonus has expired
Bonus free quick hit game

My quick hit slots does not give me bonuses it stops at zero and stays there.

it looks as if i am not the only one clicking on these bonus and getting expired instead. whats up with that. you shouldn't advertise something you can't redeem.

twoi just join this club and i see all these bonus posted a few hours or two to three days ago and they all seem to be expired some say i already used but i just join. 


Just got a free spin off u - pick crystal  ball and the ga e froze on me I want some free coins for this

Coins please 

Help with coin so please
This is a pretty cool little gift on the bonus of the day. When I go back a day they are expired but I was able to get both of the bonus for today.