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Why am I being told the bonus has expired when it says its from 2 hours ago?  It is for 3500 coins, so I would like to try and get an explanation so that I can avoid losing a very precious bonus since I depend on these to play because the game allotages are not enough to play on and I for one cannot aford to buy any coins. Thank you kindly.

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how can i play this game witout going on facebook

Help me

Always being told I reached my daily limit I don't understand how
I keep being told I have reached my limit of bonus coins for the day but I haven't even played today
Coins please
For the past 3 days I have been toldby messaging that I already got my free coins. BUT I HAVEN'T. SO CAN YOU FIX IT.
How come when you get two scratch cards on the same spin, it only counts for one? Anyone else notice that?
Whats happening everyone?


Thanks for all the bonus quick hits staff

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