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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Slots Era.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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Hello Michael Duran here 

Hello. Love this game, but need some coinage, can you help? Thanks.
Why does this have to be so difficult?
Why does this all have to be difficult to start understand
It is to me to I've been on level 44 for bout 2 or 3 weeks now
I keep losing all my money not win enough in the bounce or the hourly bounce on slots era wild need large amount of coins. Thank you

Found a major design flaw! Up to 358 billion and going strong!

You can essentially 'turn back time'! Here's what I do:

*Make sure you have the app installed on your phone first, and played at least once (in order to create a phone profile)

Make sure the game is not open on your phone, and play the game through facebook on you computer, this is where you will do most of your playing. 

If you don't like the results, close the browser, and open the game on your phone (through the app).

Your phone app will now have the phone profile, and it will detect the online profile you played with.

It will prompt you which profile you want to use.

If you want to undo your losses, choose the phone profile. Then close the app.

Open the game again on your computer, you will have your chips back!

If you play on your computer and do well, and want to save your progress.. just close the browser, open the phone app, and this time choose 'online profile', it will then take that profile and sync it to your phone, then you can always revert back to this point.

Some interesting things I've noticed... if you revert and go to play again, you'll notice that making the same bet on the same slot game will always result in the same outcome.. what I'm saying is the results are predetermined. So I'll play a slot at max bet and see if I can gain any ground, if not, I'll revert it and then try the next highest bet, then the next, so on and so forth, until I find I chain of results that results in a good win.

I've also noticed that when you revert and go back to the online game, you will get your chips back but usually your mission progress will not revert. This is good, allows you to quickly get through the missions! For example, if I blow through a bunch of missions on the computer and say I'm at level 50, if I revert back to having more chips but at a lower level, when I pull up the game again I will have my original chips back and still be at level 50 in my mission progress! I have found that certain mission types don't always save your progress, but I haven't worked out which ones exactly.

It's very easy to do, let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks for the feed back
As with all games created by murka it is near impossible to advance in the game without spending money. I've been on level 52 for about 3 months now on slots era and on scatter slots I've been on level 85 for about a month. I've saved up to 200 million coins and it is impossible to win. You just keep losing and losing and losing maybe you'll win big but you'll lose it all directly afterwards. 90% of the time if you win 10 million dollars on your next 9 to 10 spins you lose all that money. The thing that irritates me is right now I have to get 730 million coins during free spins in 30 minutes or less to pass to the next level and if I bet anything over 1 million coins I can't even win one single spin, if I get 30 free spins had $1000000 a spin I won't even win $1000000 collectively or the next 30 spins no matter what I do. These games are designed to make you spend money but whatever you do don't do that because then you'll get ten times as many pop-up ads and it'll be even harder to win. It didn't get extremely difficult to win anything until I started spending money and then since they realized they knew that if they stop me I will spend money they started to stop me extremely bad so whatever you do do not spend money on these games. So pretty much whatever you do sooner or later you will hit a roadblock and do what I do and uninstall a game because it's a waste of time now

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