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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Slots Era.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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Need coins
Can't redeem free coins
When i click on my free bonus coins why can't i recover them
Hey everyone.. im on level 32 playing pure spirit and need 36 mil during bonus games to move on.. any way to get bonus games going already so i can move on? T.i.a.
Why can't i collect free coins

Michael Enders - I found the same bug quite a while ago. I now have 16,744,875,258,550,992 coins.      My problem is I am trying to find the flaw in Fairy Spirit that allows the same handful of players to always land 1st, 2nd or 3rd like Daren Robinson. hoping you know someway to improve my play in that slot. I am at mission 1976. Thank you [email protected]


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I need friends
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After playing Murka Slots for several months, I broke down this week and paid for Slot Era coins! Two days later, my game froze up, and, thanks to the Robolady's help, was reset to level 1. I lost 11 billion coins and was demoted to Level 1 (from level 535). I cannot get a phone number to a service rep, though I tried all day. Long story short: DON'T pay for this scam!

I stay getting Big Bucks no issue(s) here reallyI collect 500mill and higher to start things of with a great start the Bigger the bet the BIGGER the pay $$$$ love it.

Help with coins please!!! X

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