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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Sudoku time! What number should be in the yellow field? Leave us a comment and get a chance to win 350 Gems!

Likes: 198 Shares: 16 Posted:


Today, we introduce you another member of our TrainStation team - community manager Matej! Special powers: he simply can't resist 2+1 pizza offers and is able to devour all three pizzas at one sitting. Respect bro!

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Where would you like to spend your summer the most, dispatchers? Leave us comments and tell us why!

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Mr. Bill always nails it! Grab some free materials here:

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Compare yourself with others with our brand new Leaderboard feature! What's your ranking? Check it out and let us know:

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Can you hear the passengers rushing to your station? It's the sound of this lovely Musical flag! Grab it for free:

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The movie-music event is almost over, so let's review what we've learned from it. There's one G clef in the picture - can you find it? Leave us a comment with its position and get a chance to win 350 Gems!

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This beast doesn't bite so don't be afraid to meet it! The Dark Leopard is waiting in your Special Offer for you:

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Dave loves listening to Rock'n'Roll on his way to work. Yes, it's true - he works as well! What music do you enjoy during your train commute?

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Let’s play hangman!

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Anybody who likes to play hangman here? Watch our community managers test their train knowledge in today’s live broadcast at 2.00 pm CET (in cca 1,5 hour!)

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EDIT: Contest is over! See who won in a comment below ;) Guessing contest! Which of these ladies is hiding 350 Gems? Valentina or Ling? Leave us your tips and get a chance to win them! ;)

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We've got some new cool flag for you, dispatchers! Grab the World Flag here for free:

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When it comes to giveaways, Mr. Bill is on fire! Well... not literally, of course. Don't worry, this Fuel is safe:

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Mr. Bill and friends introduce a new series of monthly achievements for players lvl 150+. Finish all 7 Tenacious Achievements to complete the PowerHaul Set! PLAY NOW:

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Let the sun shine through your whole summer with the Suntouched Express train! Each week, you’ll get a chance to buy another awesome wagon in order to make a full set out of it. Add it to your train collection right now:

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Check out another edition of Pixel News! What was your favorite TrainStation update?

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A true dispatcher will certainly enjoy a couple of Railroad flags, right? Click here and grab your free boost:

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EDIT: This movie is over and we know the winners! Check them in the comment section below ;) Today's movie: Burglar on the Pixel Express. Help Wilma find the path to her precious green treasure, leave us a comment and get a chance to win 350 Gems!

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Do you remember this chest from the Steam event? Well, our awesome player Andy has made a real-life version on it. Isn't it beautiful?

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Mr. Bill is clumsy sometimes, but let's hope that these shards will bring luck to you all! Grab 10 000 Glass here:

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TrainStation Game Information:

No. 1 railroad game on Facebook with more than 1000 unique locomotives, wagons and buildings. Run your own business on rails.

Get it here:

Facebook Stats & Data:

Last Update:

Monthly Users: 100,000

Weekly Users: 100,000

Daily Users: 100,000

Monthly Users Rank: 1,072

Daily Users Rank: 647

Fan Page Likes: 0

Fan Page Talking About Count: 6,753

Platform: Facebook Android iOS

Game Types: Simulation



Game Status: Active