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Happy St. Patrick's Day, dispatchers! Grab a beer and celebrate with 20 000 FREE FUEL from Mr. Bill:

Likes: 637 Shares: 299 Posted:


Tesla's electricity lessons continue! The question is simple: what's the name of this type of current? Leave us a comment and get a chance to win 350 Gems!

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We know the winners of last Saturday's contest! Check them in a comment below and grab a free flag to celebrate:

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Easter is near and our game designers are curious! Leave us suggestions for buildings, decorations or other items (recycled or even brand new) you'd like to see in the Shop ;)

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What are you gonna do in March? We already know! New month, new True Grit challenge:

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You don't have to go to Mars to catch these awesome flags! Just click here:

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EDIT: We know the winners! check them out and grab a free flag along:…/a.16197360391…/1922613231181252/… Tesla's electric lessons Vol. 1 is here! Name all the parts of this simple circuit and five of you will be rewarded with 350 Gems ;)

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Had only Nikola seen this!

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A wagon full of U-235 is a deal you shouldn't ressist. Grab it here for free:

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In case you want to sum up your February, this is the good way to do that: You may also find out, what will come next in the spring updates

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Click this link and boost your passenger income an limit! Here it goes:

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EDIT: Contest is over! See who won in the comment below ;) Pierre needs some inspiration! How should he name his wine brand he's working on? Leave us your tips and five of you will be rewarded with 350 Gems!

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There's a new maglev in town! Visit your Shop and take it our for a ride:

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10 000 units of free Fuel are here for you! Just reach for them here:

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Attention, dispatchers! There's gonna be a technical maintenance tomorrow due to server upgrade. You might be experiencing issues with game connection, which we apologize for in advance. Hopefully, it won't take long so fingers crossed! Thank you for bearing with us

Likes: 410 Shares: 86 Posted:


Look what Mr. Bill has found! Grab 2x Fair Play flag here:

Likes: 725 Shares: 372 Posted:

TrainStation Game Information:

No. 1 railroad game on Facebook with more than 1000 unique locomotives, wagons and buildings. Run your own business on rails.

Get it here:

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Last Update:

Monthly Users: 100,000

Weekly Users: 100,000

Daily Users: 100,000

Monthly Users Rank: 1,072

Daily Users Rank: 647

Fan Page Likes: 0

Fan Page Talking About Count: 6,753

Platform: Facebook Android iOS

Game Types: Simulation



Game Status: Active