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I am so frustrated that there is only a couple days left to complete Journey Albums, and I am nowhere near completed... I've only completed three albums. I was hoping someone out there could help me with some of the Journey Cards I need. I would greatly appreciate it if you can, just add me as a friend (Sway Stray)I need the following cards:Shotgun SaraBig TonyVivika SpinsonHurricane CocktailI'm Feelin' LuckyWall of FameThe CodeJefferson's CodeThe Lost ScrollBloody PortlandThe RiderCandlestick ParkTornadoBig Boy BootsThe Big RaceChief TomThe PlowerLine 55The TrackChicago BreakfastChi-Town ClubberChicago Peace Pipe
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I AGREE WITH YOU!!!I completed only 2 albums and had TONS of duplicate cards.This Johnny Coin mission makes no sense to me. It's like they just threw this idea together, over night! I don't see what they are trying to accomplish with it.But anywayz... Maybe we can help each other out.Lmk what ALBUM and what CARD/CARDS you need in the ALBUM and i will check what I have
I need some cards I've completed none but close on all of em add me to trade somme

Which ones do you want to trade? I might be able to help you with that.

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I feel the same way accept I haven't completed any I only need one card for the 1st 3 locations then 2 for the next 3 or 4 then more for the rest I'll be happy to have even just complete 1 if you guys can add me and help out it would be much appreciated i have practically no coins so it's highly needed I can possibly help u guys with some u need let me kno thank you in advance.. Oh I'm an addicted daily player BTW lol..

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