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I am so frustrated that there is only a couple days left to complete Journey Albums, and I am nowhere near completed... I've only completed three albums. I was hoping someone out there could help me with some of the Journey Cards I need. I would greatly appreciate it if you can, just add me as a friend (Sway Stray)I need the following cards:Shotgun SaraBig TonyVivika SpinsonHurricane CocktailI'm Feelin' LuckyWall of FameThe CodeJefferson's CodeThe Lost ScrollBloody PortlandThe RiderCandlestick ParkTornadoBig Boy BootsThe Big RaceChief TomThe PlowerLine 55The TrackChicago BreakfastChi-Town ClubberChicago Peace Pipe
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I AGREE WITH YOU!!!I completed only 2 albums and had TONS of duplicate cards.This Johnny Coin mission makes no sense to me. It's like they just threw this idea together, over night! I don't see what they are trying to accomplish with it.But anywayz... Maybe we can help each other out.Lmk what ALBUM and what CARD/CARDS you need in the ALBUM and i will check what I have
I need some cards I've completed none but close on all of em add me to trade somme

Which ones do you want to trade? I might be able to help you with that.

I feel the same way accept I haven't completed any I only need one card for the 1st 3 locations then 2 for the next 3 or 4 then more for the rest I'll be happy to have even just complete 1 if you guys can add me and help out it would be much appreciated i have practically no coins so it's highly needed I can possibly help u guys with some u need let me kno thank you in advance.. Oh I'm an addicted daily player BTW lol..

Hi all. I am needing 1 card to finish a few sets on the journey. I guess I can only get them if I Pay for coins. I can't afford it all the time. Not on a fixed income like many other seniors. I didn't know about this forum. I have been trading my duplicate cards for spins that 'sometimes' actually pay good amounts of coins. I can save them now in case somebody needs them. I don't think we have very much time left in this contest they are doing right now. If we friend each other then we can give cards directly to one another instead of coins. But all of the ONESIES I need are gold colored and I don't think they give you any duplicates of those. I'm really not sure though. I just fumble my way through all the stuff they come up with. :)

I need Mexico uncommon NACHOS...Brazil common AMAZON RAINFOREST...Italy rare TIRAMISU...Egypt rare THE GIZA PYRAMIDS...Kenya rare THE WINNER'S HUT.

The only one I've finished is England.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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