Vegas Downtown Slots Trouble Getting Bonus Coins

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Anyone having a problem getting bonuses the past few days. I click on bonus and it doesn't go thru.
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I can get regular bonuses I've never been able to get the ones like I got the bonanza or smoked the reels?? I don't get it???

I can't get them either 


Thank u for answering I can only assume they are good to trade for other games... I read that somewhere however this is the game I want!!! Lol

I cant either and i also noticed theres no remedy or i dont know how to find it


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I can collect the bonus points but I can no longer collect the Wins. I get a 404 error message when I click on them. I was collecting them with no problem up until maybe a month or so ago. Has anyone found a remedy for this? 

30000000000 free coin thx
500000000000 free coin
Bit need beyter cheats

also having trouble getting coins wish they would send some free ones

anyone know how to correct my name spelled it wrong. no matter what I try it won't let me edit it. it's to be Nan Justnan

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