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To Give or not to Give the oh so needed coins

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i love this game but have not had any luck with any cheats or codes that give free coins. i am unable to go to other sites and download bs that dont work or

  • Posted by SusanShowers
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Need coins

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I need coins please will someone listen I meed the practice. I have played this game so much it has broken my account. Please give me some relief as much as i

  • Posted by user1518995089
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Need free coin or cash

Cheats & Hacks

How to get free coin and cash. Please tell me I don't know how to get free coin and cash please guys tell me I need it's urgent.  How can I get free

  • Posted by RajbirSMehra
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[Tips] Scratchers

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 I found that with the scratchers, I usually win if I scratch each box randomly in individually instead of just maybe across columns & rows! It's BS

  • Posted by user1479663723
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