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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Howdy pard' ... My name is Vickie, and I'm an everyday player, level 93... Please gift me presents!!.. I do reciprocate!.. hehe..
Hi vicki I added you. Please add me back. Question it has free cheats on this page to get powerups etc but when I click it , it says I need an Adobe flash player. Why? But my other games it does not do this?
Hello every body I am Sharon i play daily

Hello fellow players, name is Tom and i'm a daily player. Level 99 and still tryin for gold in tourneys.

Feel free to add me to friends, and if i ever figure out how to add friends i'll add u too.

PS if u know how to add players please let me know.

Hİ :)

Hi I am also a daily showdown player and I love the game and looking for friends to share tickets. When you figure out how to add friends please let me know and we can add each other as friends. My name is Debra Guillon 

Hello all gamers. I started playing the game about three months ago and just love it. I like to add you all to the add my friends list just as soon as I can figure out how. Looking forward to challenging fun, Helen better known as Hnr8..
Hello I'm a level 46 player, I play pretty much every day but always run out of chips, cash, and rarely get ingredients. Would love advice on how to free bonuses. I'm also looking for lots of friends to share and receive. I have no idea how to link you to my Facebook account so maybe you can look me up at [email protected], add me and maybe send messages on tips on what to do collect bonuses and friends.

Hi, why is it that if I click on free stuff and it takes me to my bingo showdown and says already redeemed, there another place to get new tickets and bonuses? Thank you

Feel free to add me so we can gift tickets

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