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Bingo Showdown

Have you checked out NEW Super Diamond Jackpots? You can win up to 100,000 tournament points! Here are some free tickets to get in the game and give it a shot NOW!

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Bingo Showdown

Congratulations! You guessed correctly so now we've got an awesome powerup prize for you. Click below to claim your reward!

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Bingo Showdown

We've got a special community game for you today! According to the rules of bingo, which number on this bingo card is out of place? If the community guesses correctly (comment below!), we'll award a special prize tomorrow. Good luck!

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Bingo Showdown

It's Make a Snowman Day! Have you made one yet this year? Share a picture with us in the comments! Then enjoy 2X puzzle pieces and 2X instabingo and double dynamite powerups per game. Freebies below!

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Bingo Showdown

It's time to get started on some DIAMOND BINGOS! Need more tickets? Well here ya go! Enjoy!

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Bingo Showdown

It's OUR birthday, but we're giving YOU the gifts! To celebrate the best players around, we're offering 20% more winners today! Plus, use instabingo and double dynamite powerups twice per game AND collect freebies below!

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Bingo Showdown

Hey there! Are y'all ready for your next personal challenge? Get in the game now and hit that powerup goal to collect a BIG OL' PRIZE! Need help getting started? Here are some freebies!

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Bingo Showdown

Oh no! Our cowboys are in jail! While they're locked up, take advantage of 2X ticket collect, plus, use chest and double dynamite powerups twice per game! FREEBIES!

Likes: 14 Shares: 197 Posted:

Bingo Showdown

Congratulations! The community guessed the correct answer, so here are your freebies! ENJOY!

Likes: 14 Shares: 189 Posted:

Bingo Showdown

Time for another community game! Can you guess the correct shadow for the character shown? If the community guesses the correct answer, as a whole, we'll award freebies tomorrow! Comment below!

Likes: 18 Shares: 331 Posted:

Bingo Showdown

It's National Bingo Month! Let's celebrate! Get 2X puzzle pieces today, plus, use chest and instabingo powerups twice per game. Click below for FREEBIES!

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Bingo Showdown

Happy Thursday! Need more tickets? We have them for you here. Get started towards that next big round now!

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Bingo Showdown

Think you've got what it takes to reach your personal challenge goal Let us help you reach your BINGO hurdle with these free powerups!

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Bingo Showdown

Are you on Santa's Nice list? We bet you are! So we're giving you 30 minute ticket pickup today. Plus, use chest and instabingo powerups twice per game. Click here for freebies!

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Bingo Showdown

WANTED: Bingos. REWARD: 2X instabingos and double dynamites! Get started on your hunt now with the free powerups below!

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Bingo Showdown brings the excitement of LIVE Bingo and the competitive edge of tournament-style play.

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