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How to become “premium” status?

I am pretty confused about the details of this game and unfortunately, the FAQ/support offered on the site doesn't help very much! Premium status?? How do

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Welcome Bingo Story Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Sebastiana
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
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Suggest a Forum Category

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Pearl's Peril

  • Started by: Easydoesit55
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Hi My Fellow Bingo Buddies

  • Started by: Glitterbug
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Come Play

  • Started by: Kaleasi
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  • Started by: Arancha
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how to collect more free tokens free bonus list how to get more powerups

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Latest on Bingo Story

Cinderella has had a hard time finding The Perfect Fit for her Glass Slippers. As you can imagine, they don’t exactly have much give, so she’ll have to go through many to find The Perfect Fit. Daub them to win delightful prizes such as the Ballroom Dancing Dauber and the Pumpkin Carriage Profile Frame. *Limit of 1 gift per player


Esmeralda would fancy a nice clean outfit to wow QuasimodoHelp her by finding Fabric on your bingo cards in Fancy Fabrics! *Limit one per player


Wool you like to know what Bingo Pass Season 14 has in store for you? One Knit Wonder has landed and prizes include the Yarn Dauber, Quilt Bingo Balls, and the Knitting Profile Frame.Earn Pass Points by completing goals to unlock prizes. Win even better rewards when you upgrade to the Premium Pass. Get daubing with these FREE 100 Pass points *Limit of one gift per player


Bingo Beanstalk has arrived again! Defeat your Bingo Story rivals with these free power-ups! *Limit of 1 gift per player


Winning is never easy, but it’s easier with power ups! Claim your #MidWeekBoost now! *Limit of 1 gift per player


We have a confection to make…. THIS is our most delicious event yet! Collect your FREE Supply Box and play bingo to craft decorations in eight scrumptious rooms. Complete them all to win delectable prizes like the Kitten Candy Dauber and the Sweet Treat Profile Frame. *Limit of 1 gift per player


Gone with the wind, will May Flowers be by tomorrow! It’s your last chance to complete your Bingo Pass goals to unlock awesome prizes like the Duckling dauber, the Flower Garden Profile Frame, and the Pink Carnation Bingo Balls!Here are 100 Pass Points to get you closer to winning *Limit of one gift per player


Do you hear that? Your name’s being called on the airport intercom! Your Global Getaway is coming close to an end and it’s time to catch your last flight home. Drop a ‘'’' down below if you managed to collect the Globetrotter Dauber! Don’t worry if you haven’t yet—Collect this supply box and get crafting


The Queen of Hearts is running out of time! Heart’s Tarts ends tomorrow. Wonder how many heart tarts are in this picture? Is it 18 or 21? *Limit one per player


It’s #SundayFunday and we want to set you up with a sweet reward. Grab your Bingo treats below now! *Limit of 1 gift per player


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Bingo Story is an exciting new competitive tournament bingo game. Compete against your friends and others to win each tournament. Get Bingo's for a chance to collection puzzle pieces to complete puzzles from your favorite fairy tale characters.


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