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Hi My Fellow Bingo Buddies

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Come Play

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Can you tell which one is the REAL Pinocchio?Let us know who you think it is in the comments!Bingo tokens Bitly version


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Here’s a fun fact! Did you know the story Alice in Wonderland, was almost titled Alice in Elf Land? Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?Share with us a fun fact you know about Alice in Wonderland in the comments!Supply box Bitly version


We’ve got a sensational reward for you this Sunday That’s right, it’s #EpicPowerupSunday and we’re giving away even more epic power ups for all our #BingoBuddies. Click the link below and set yourself up with a sweet reward! Your reward ☛


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Play in Pinocchio’s Play Day bingo room!Collect Fairy Dust on your bingo cards to upgrade your bottle & earn Fairy Bucks. Spend your Fairy Bucks in shop on power ups, daubers, & MORE! Get playing with your gift!Bingo tokens Bitly version


Looking for something free on Friday? We’ve got what you’re looking for. It’s #FairyTaleFriday and we’re giving away free rare power ups for all our #BingoBuddies. Click the link below to unlock your rare power up today! Rare power up ☛


LAST CALL for Queen's Croquet Contest!Flex your bingo muscles & defeat champions to win CRAZY rewards! Show 'em who the REAL champ is with you gift now!Bingo tokens Bitly version


It’s that time again! It’s #ChestThursday! Every Thursday we’re giving away a free chest to all our #BingoBuddies to unlock. What will your power up be? Rare? Epic? Open the chest to find out! Open the chest ☛


Get your hands on the Premium Pass to win SPECTACULAR rewards!Complete missions & earn Pass Points! Unlock the exclusive dauber and frame - Only found on the Premium Pass route. Add them to your collection today with your bingo gift!Bitly version


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Bingo Story is an exciting new competitive tournament bingo game. Compete against your friends and others to win each tournament. Get Bingo's for a chance to collection puzzle pieces to complete puzzles from your favorite fairy tale characters.


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