Club Vegas - Real Vegas Slots What The Hell Are Vegas Bucks & Are There Real Coupon Codes Out There?

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On the FAQ page they list vegas bucks as a new feature. Here is what it says:

"What are Vegas Bucks?
Vegas Bucks can be used in lieu of cash to make in-game purchases. Simply login to your Club Vegas account on the Vegas Bucks site and get your Bucks! They will then reflect in-game and can be used to purchase items in the shop or various deals. For more information, please contact Support via the "I still need help" button below.

How can I purchase Vegas Bucks?
On the Vegas Bucks site, login with the same email address or Facebook you have connected to your Club Vegas account. Once you have logged in, you can then purchase Bucks and they will automatically credit to your Club Vegas account after purchasing is completed."

1. Does anyone know what this feature is and what is the URL for the vegas bucks site. They do not have a link or URL listed under the FAQ.

2. On the game there is an option under the hambuger navigation for coupon. Does anyone know how to get coupon codes? Do they even have coupon codes for this game? 

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