Contract Wars Contract Wars Instant Respawn Cheat

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Instant Respawn Cheat in Contract Wars using Cheat Engine. Effects when you die you have to wait for 3 seconds before you get respawn this cheat remove that 3 seconds and will instantly respawn you in the game. To respawn just hit any keys or click anywhere in the game.
Why do you need this cheat? If you die in a certain spot you know where your enemy is. Using this cheat you will respawn instantly to go back to that spot and kill them easily by surprise.

Update: Detected Players now have markers on their Heads. Easy Targets

This cheat is old and might not work anymore.  Feel free to like or dislike and post comments.

Required Tools for Contract Wars Instant Respawn Cheat:

The cheat uses AobswapPlugin.lua (A Cheat Engine Plugin). To Install:

  • Download AobswapPlugin.lua (included in the download link above) or Copy and Save the codes save it as AobswapPlugin.lua
  • Move the file to your Cheat Engine Directory inside the folder called Autorun. Example C:\Program Files\Cheat Engine\autorun\
  • That’s it you have install the plugin. Time to use it in your cheats.

How to use the Contract Wars Instant Respawn Cheat File:

Make sure you have AobswapPlugin.lua in your cheat engine.

  1. Open Contract Wars on Facebook (Do not Click Start)
  2. Download the cheat here
  3. Load the Cheat File on Cheat Engine. Click File -> Load (Open the .CT File)
  4. Go to Cheat Engine and click File -> Open Process
  5. Select the second plugin container of firefox (The correct process is the one with bigger memory usage. check your task manager.)
  6. Enable the Cheat. Click the active box.
  7. Go back to Contract Wars and play a game.

Contract Wars Instant Respawn Cheat Screenshot:


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cheat GP menjadi 999999 dan CR99999999 dan SP 99999 bisakh mendapatkanya

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