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Criminal Case Officer Amy's Tips & Tricks

Criminal Case Officer Amy has a few quick expert tips & tricks to help you out! Learn how to play like a pro officer.

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Welcome Criminal Case Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Add Me

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Can't Play Elite & Collection Modes

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I Cant Play

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Can't Download

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Latest on Criminal Case

Criminal Case: Paris - City of Romance is available now! Download here:


Work in progress. Criminal Case: Paris (City of Romance) will be released on mobile in the following weeks.


Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations is out on mobile! Download here:


Only a few more days to wait to be able to play Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations on iOS and Android.


Travel through spacetime and fix history in Criminal Case: Travel in Time. Try it now!:


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ This is it, Detectives! The final battle has arrived… who will stand, and who will fall? Fight against the odds to unravel THE CONSPIRACY! << Investigate Now!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ Catastrophe looms as the body of a security guard is found drained of life! You must catch the killer as more lives hang in the balance! << Investigate Now!


We're back in Grimsborough with Jones! Unveil dark secrets in Criminal Case: The Conspiracy. Download here:


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ Another Ad Astran bites the dust! Stay on high alert as you search high and low for the killer! << Investigate Now!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ A body’s been found at S.A.R.A. headquarters! The countdown is on to catch the killer who sent this victim to the final frontier!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ Kidnapping turns deadly when one captive attempts to flee. To catch the kidnapper, you must catch the killer! << Investigate Now!


All the top detectives have an eye for detail! Prove your skills by completing this puzzle! << Play Now!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ Inmate blown to pieces in his cell! Take no prisoners as you sift through the clues to find the killer! << Investigate Now!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ It’s lights, camera, murder for this famous star! Can you work out which of the suspects is only acting innocent? << Investigate Now!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ A murder behind the walls of the Grimsborough Psychiatric Hospital pushes the team’s sanity to the limit! Can you wrap your head around the clues and put a stop to the madness? << Investigate Now!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ We go back to the dome for a final inspection of the meteorite, but a body stops us dead in our tracks! A dome cafeteria employee has been strangled! Can you cook up a plan to catch the killer? << Investigate Now!


FREE COINS Here's 10,000 FREE Coins to help you get your New Year's Eve party started! << Click to Collect!


✦ FREE ORANGE JUICE ✦ In need of a refreshment? Take this FREE Orange Juice to give you the boost you need! << Click to Collect!


★ THE CONSPIRACY ★ We find a lifeless body during a blackout! Will you brave the darkness and find the killer? << Investigate Now!


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