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Diamond Dash

Time is running out of hand, turn the glass and its new sand! https://woo.ga/fwwpw

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Diamond Dash

Are you on the level? Let us know in the comments below!

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Diamond Dash

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We want to know!! Vote by reacting below!!

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Diamond Dash

What does this treasure chest contain??? Click here to find out ==> https://woo.ga/y7ac8

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Diamond Dash

Our artists have created many icons for Diamond Dash, which one is your favourite? React to let us know and stay tuned, Diamond Dash is going to be looking soon shiner than ever

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Diamond Dash

A treasure chest has been uncovered, click the link to break the lock and receive its rewards! https://woo.ga/vxh5t

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Diamond Dash

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Diamond Dash

Leveling up in Diamond Dash is so rewarding! Did you know that the higher the level, the higher the Score Bonus you receive at the end of the round?! What level have you already reached? Let us all know in the comments, and in case you need friends to play together with, write ADD ME in the comments below! Ready to play? https://woo.ga/PlayDiamondDash

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Diamond Dash

Oh wow, another treasure chest has surfaced and Panda has already secured it! Click on the link to open it and receive your reward! https://woo.ga/34k2p

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Diamond Dash

A rainbow flood comes with a dash, it’s Freebie Friday, free Color Splash! https://woo.ga/qjxty

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Diamond Dash

Many of you guessed it right, Panda had been secretly hiding away 36 Gold bars! The three lucky winners of 5 Gold Bars each are Stefania Stefy... Bete Mayrink Marie Savino Randazzo Congratulations! Check your Facebook message requests to receive your reward! And to all of you that participated, here are some coins from the secret Panda's stash! https://woo.ga/e38p6

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Diamond Dash Game Information:

Super-fast, hyper-addictive and mega-exciting! Join 110 million playing this awesome 5-star arcade action game.

Get it here:

Facebook Stats & Data:

Last Update:

Monthly Users: 500,000

Weekly Users: 100,000

Daily Users: 100,000

Monthly Users Rank: 612

Daily Users Rank: 378

Fan Page Likes: 0

Fan Page Talking About Count: 4,902

Platform: Facebook Android iOS

Game Types: Puzzle Match 3 Arcade

Company: Wooga

Website: http://www.wooga.com

Game Status: Active

Wooga Company Overview

At Wooga we create cool games that you can play together with your friends and family!