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free codes collection  no more available !! why ?? i used to collect free codes by clicking the  [ buy chips ] then apply the codes that i have got it from game hunter , but now this is no more available , any body knows howto collect codes now.. ? 

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Cames start hot give alot of coins, then go cold, loose all your coins. Constant purchase reminders unreal. 


I love this casino want more free coins to play longer

Amen to that

I enjoy playing the game.Been playing since it hit Facebook. I have even bought chips through out the years...When you buy and get two free bonus spins a day for chips ...I can count on one hand that I got over 2 million think that they would have a special wheel for buyers that coin is nothing under 5 million..... So what’s the point if you can’t enjoy some fun. Getting codes are harder then ever now. Games pay less, bonus and friends spins are less. I will not buy any more packages till the game improves. I have a group of players and they depend on codes and 80 % of them buy chips. Now they are so fed up with the cheap payouts less bonus wins and daily spins and not getting their friend bonus spins . The daily wheel with anything under a million is a joke. They use to have it where you can join your friends at any game. But for a long time now they have cut that out. Other Facebook games let you play and talk with friends and other players. This Facebook game does not want others talking about how they are ripping people off by missing coin or credit being charged twice or any other complaint the players have. Most the time you can’t even get them to respond. You can not even get the diamond event once a month that it once gave you for they have taken that away. To bad that DDC will loss it valuable players due to greed.

Very's..double down..

I love double down casino


love doubledwn

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