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Anyone have any tips on how to win please help me thanks
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There really is no trick since jackpots are random. Here's what I do:  1. vary your bet, because a good win might be triggered at a lower amount or any amount, not always the maximum. 2. Don't take the slot they give you. If you use the "play now" link and take the hot slot or any slot in the slot list, after the slot loads, go to the lobby and browse around all the slots in that slot bank for a low bet/high jackpot slot. Bear in mind if you find a beginner slot with a 2.2 billion jackpot, it probably won't ever hit.  3. Look for the less popular slots.  I usually come out ahead if I am in a quiet corner where nobody goes, playing "Monster" or "Line max" or "combination" or any of the slots that don't get any attention.  The popular slots take your money!  4.  Remember, everyone wins, but nobody knows when to quit. If you're ahead, pull out. If you're not winning after just a few pulls, move on. Don't bond with a slot.  If you are winning steadily and holding your own, I think that's when to marathon it to get a jackpot.  Finally, add everyone to your friends list. Go to the strip and ask for friends. There are many helpful people who will friend you. You'll find yourself rolling in cash even if you're losing. Add me now!!

Agreed, if a slot doesn't win anything within 4 spins move on, start at half the maximum bet, if you get a winner then increase your bet. I set my limits at half or double my starting chip amount that way I don't walk away broke as often the case, If i get a winner stay on that slot don't be tempted to up your bet, I have blown 1.7B$ in half an hour after getting a Billion chip big win, as Colleen states know when to walk away it all comes down to will power, I personally don't know how to get a jackpot on demand, but I have been able to get 379 free spins in a row on my favourite slot Double Bonus I have been playing this slot for the last 5 years and have got to know it's idiosyncrasy. Just a last thought DON'T BUY CHIPS.

Got Cancer ,like playing double u casino have surgery Tuesday to get Liver transplant,,wishing everyone all the luck,,,have fun playing
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I would like to win A jackpot sometimes
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agreed. won 5 billion this weekend and by monday had nothing again. done this a few times now. 

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