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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Hi. I just hatcheda paladin dragon, but it won't let me place it...It says to finish the tera or electric habitat in construction first, but I have none in construction & I have room in both places. Doesanyone know why I can't place my egg?

HI! I'm looking to make more dragon city friends/nieghbours! 

Hi everyone, anyone wanting a new neighbour please add me.   Any info on events is really appreciated.  Trying to get dragons in the galactic island now. Quite new to the game and any help or info would be great.  Thanks.  :)

my last  three new gaurdian towers keep dissappearing with dragons in them, so how do i get them back please xx


you can add me if you want x


I've played Dragon City since 2015, and stopped for 1 year so I only played it for a few moths in total. I would like to know how do oyu get these free bonuses. And I would be please to know if there are gems bonuses. Thank you.