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Cheat Dragon City Money, Habitat and Farm

Dragon City Cheat to get infinite money, habitat and farm. This cheats use cheat engine follow the guide enable the cheat.

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Welcome Dragon City Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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dragon city cheat engine dragon city free food dragon city glitches 2015 free dragons cheat gems hack foods get 1000 foods

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Latest on Dragon City

Dragon City

Trihorn Dragon! He is a new VIP Mythical Dragon who is a fatal beast with a fatal mission: Conquer the Dragonverse! It´s the last day to obtain him in the game! Share with us in the comments below your review on this dragon.

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Dragon City

Happy Weekend Dragon Masters, It's Feedback Time! We would like to know more about your experience with the Island Events in Dragon City. Please if you can, take a moment and complete our survey :-) https://dragoncity.socialpoint.tv/EventSurvey

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Dragon City

Happy Friday Dragon Masters! What are your plans for this weekend? Also, don't miss out on the upcoming events for Halloween! #spooktober -> https://www.facebook.com/…/a.36064603399…/2043001795757078/…

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Dragon City

It´s about to #getspooky! See the event lineup below for Halloween! #spooktober #DragonCity ➡ 25 Oct - 8 Nov: Your islands will become a little scary with new Halloween decorations! ➡ 25 Oct - 5 Nov: Hallo - Muertos Event Island! ➡ 25 Oct- 5 Nov: Complete the Halloween collection -> get Moon Plague Dragon as a Reward... ➡ 27 Oct - 8 Nov: Complete the Day of the Dead Collection -> get Skull dragon as a Reward

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Dragon City

Halfway done with the Heroic Race: Dreamfields! How is it going guys? How many Laps have you completed so far? Keep racing and claim the new Heroic Dragon for your collection, the High Reverie Dragon!

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Dragon City

Dear community! As you all spotted, the Psychic Dragon for the upcoming breeding event was not located in the Illusion Island! This was a test! Well done, you all passed! Joking aside, we are sorry for any confusion or frustration this has caused. To make up for it, we have a new breeding combination for you, for the breeding event which starts TOMORROW October 16th! ❤ Double Pure Dragon + Fairy Dragon = Space Kight Dragon! ❤... See the comments below for more information on where to get the dragons! Happy breeding, everyone!

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Dragon City

Coming Soon Breeding Event information! Get ready for it! From Oct 16th and for 3 days, breed these 2 dragons (Psychic & Fairy) for a chance to get the Legendary Space Knight Dragon! Happy breeding everyone! ❤ ➡ Psychic Dragon: from the Illusion Island -> from Oct 12th until Oct 15th!! ➡ Fairy Dragon: get it by REACHING LAP 3 of the current Heroic Race: Dreamfields!

Likes: 843 Shares: 0 Posted:

Dragon City

Heroic Race: Dreamfields Check out the Special Rewards here -> http://dragoncity.socialpoint.tv/HRDreamfields_LapRewards

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Dragon City

Heroic Race: Dreamfields, has started!! Beat all your rivals and claim a brand new Heroic Dragon for your collection: High Reverie Dragon! Go, go, go!! http://dragoncity.socialpoint.tv/DC_PlayNow

Likes: 641 Shares: 0 Posted:

Dragon City

Heroic Race: Dreamfields, a world created by magic, full of illusions, that can only be accessed while being asleep! Ready to race for the new High Reverie Dragon?! Starts in 48 hours!

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Dragon City

A brand new Heroic is coming: meet the High Reverie Dragon! ➡ Elements: Pure + Ice + Legend + Dark. It's back! Get ready to compete in the exciting Heroic Race, it starts on October 11th!!

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Dragon City

#FruitPuzzleIsland last 48 hours! Let's get fruity this weekend!! Remember, 10 FREE moves every 8 hours! How many DRAGONS did you claim so far?

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Dragon City

Dear community, we have made some Dragon names & design changes to ensure all of our dragons are in-line with Dragon City´s branding. Please note that some other Dragon names & design changes will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters! Check out the #ConceptArt of the next Heroic Dragon: High Reverie! Up for grabs soon ->Next Heroic Race starts on October 11th! Now, do you want to guess its 4 Final Elements??! ;)

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Dragon City

What level are you on in the #FruitPuzzleIsland, Dragon Masters?! Reminder! From today until October 8th, collect all these dragons (even if you already have them!!) and get the Legendary ATLANTEAN Dragon as a reward!! Here's the list of Dragon names: Cherimoya + Rambutan + Gelatin + Durian Dragon

Likes: 638 Shares: 0 Posted:

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Breed cool dragons, make them grow and combat with friends in a world of magical islands!

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