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Cheat Dragon City Money, Habitat and Farm

Dragon City Cheat to get infinite money, habitat and farm. This cheats use cheat engine follow the guide enable the cheat.

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Welcome Dragon City Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Dragon City

Want to have the chance win 1 Million Gems?!?! Well our colleague Rick will tell you how you can take part in this event. Give us a LIKE and SHARE if you are excited and DO NOT forget to LIKE OUR PAGE to be notified when the winners will be announced. It is the season to be jolly!

Likes: 69,353 Shares: 24,123 Posted:

Dragon City

Who won the Youtubers' Tournament? Well... Cereal Killers: 3.982.877 Disco Ninja: 4.336.217 Congrats to both Teams for achieving so much! We are sending the $10k to their chosen Charity and all the players who completed the Disco Ninja tournament now have the Tuber Dragon in their storage! Give us a LIKE if you enjoyed it :)

Likes: 3,946 Shares: 89 Posted:

Dragon City

Do you remember the Dragon which Sean, the winner of CCE, selected? Now the Dragon has color and he chose the blue one!! Which is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts!

Likes: 4,346 Shares: 92 Posted:

Dragon City

The Star Dragon is ready for Santa to come :) Are you?!

Likes: 5,638 Shares: 147 Posted:

Dragon City

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas :)

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Dragon City

OMG OMG OMG! It's coming up to Xmas! As it is exciting here in the Dragon City Offices, we grabbed the producer to give you some updates of this month! Click the link below to check it out and push that LIKE button :) http://dc-community.socialpoint.es/

Likes: 6,501 Shares: 146 Posted:

Dragon City

Get ready and start up your Dragons! Cause the new Heroic Races are about to start! The High Comet Dragon is up for grabs :) You know you want it - Press that LIKE button if it's true

Likes: 6,564 Shares: 221 Posted:

Dragon City

Hey Dragon Masters! Get ready for our new event called the ""Tuber Tournament""! We grabbed some of your favourite Youtubers and put them into teams to battle it out for their chosen charity! The teams are: CEREAL KILLERS: which is PrestonPlayz, Lachlan and ExplodingTNT DISCO NINJAS: which is Jumbo, xboxaddictionz and Callux CEREAL KILLERS chose a charity that fights world hunger and DISCO NINJAS have chosen a charity that helps people with disabilities. You can also take part to help the team you would like to win! Join the game and add points to your team by winning battles and completing the tournament. At the end of the event, the team with the most points, wins! And will get the new exclusive Tuber Dragon! And as usual, completing the tournament will grant you exclusive rewards: a new dragon, 3 Youtubers decos, and a very special ""I Care"" deco! The Tournaments' scores are going to be displayed in game and refreshed every 24 hours, so you can keep up to date with where your team are. The winning teams chosen charity will be sent a donation of $10,000 from us here at Dragon City. So what are you waiting for? Let's do some good and good luck! Remember that all the players who complete the winning tournament will be granted an extra exclusive dragon, The Tuber Dragon! You will find it in your storage on Wednesday 7th!

Likes: 6,518 Shares: 268 Posted:

Dragon City

Hey Dragon Masters! We made a live stream today to see which one of these Dragons were your Fav! Skip to the end of the video to see how many people voted! IT'S CRAZY!

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Dragon City

Today is Black Friday and the whole game is for sale! There are discounts and bonuses all over the Shop! Check it out now! --> http://bit.ly/2enfaOj

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Dragon City

Jumping for joy... In the world of Dragon City

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Dragon City

💡Mini Quizz Part 3💡 How many eggs do you see in this picture? Give us a LIKE, SHARE! We will select lucky 3 Dragon Masters randomly and give them 300 gems! Play DC and have fun! -->http://bit.ly/2enfaOj

Likes: 4,344 Shares: 613 Posted:

Dragon City

💡Mini Quizz Part 2💡 What Dragon is this? Give us a LIKE and click on the correct icon! We will select 2 Dragon Masters from the correct answers and give them 200 gems! Play DC and have fun! -->http://bit.ly/2enfaOj

Likes: 7,926 Shares: 246 Posted:

Dragon City

Quizz days have just started on our Fan Page! Let's have fun and find out who knows better about DC! 💡Mini Quizz Part 1💡 What Dragon you can get from next breeding combination? Write the answer in the comment below!! We will select 1 lucky Dragon Master randomly from all correct answers and give him 100 gems! Play Now-->http://bit.ly/2enfaOj

Likes: 3,127 Shares: 109 Posted:

Dragon City

One of our Players (DM Yip) has made a really nice video here! Just check out his Islands!!!! AMAZING! He has been playing for 2 years! How long have you been playing for? LIKE = less than 6 months LOVE = less than 1 year WOW = more than 2 years!

Likes: 2,832 Shares: 111 Posted:

Dragon City

Today is crazy FREEBIES DAY! Gold? Food? Maybe Gems? Take it all! 1. http://bit.ly/2fZpNpy 2. http://bit.ly/2gkjEra 3. http://bit.ly/2f7WFhh ▼Progress Lost Issue Update▼ We are currently taking a deep look into the users who have the right XP level but have an empty map. We will keep you posted about our progress.

Likes: 3,104 Shares: 391 Posted:

Dragon City

Dear Dragon Masters, We are pleased to announce you that we have recovered the progression of most of the users affected. Please click next link for more information and details of this fix. --> http://bit.ly/2fn4EbH Your support has been amazing and has given us a lot of energy to resolve the problem. Please accept our apologies, tons of freebies coming tomorrow!

Likes: 2,521 Shares: 97 Posted:

Dragon City

UPDATE!! Dragon Masters, we would like to let you know that our team is still fixing more accounts hour after hour so that you can play the game again asap. Once again thank you for your cooperation. ------ We would like to inform you that for most of the affected users we've restored their accounts. We are implementing this fix little by little to make 100% sure that it's working. Please be assured that all the DC team is working very hard to solve it asap. We appreciate your patience and understanding. ------ We are now working on a fix to restore your progress. Your progress will be restored within the next hours. However, you might have lost a few hours of gameplay. We are working on giving you back all the valuable items that you might miss after we restore your saved game. Thanks for your patience and for playing Dragon City! ------- We are glad to inform you that this issue has been fixed. Now our team is trying to restore the account as soon as possible. Thanks to all Dragon Masters who helped us to solve it! ------- We are experiencing a major issue that is making some players losing their progress in the game. We are tracking down the reason for it now. We ask for your patience whilst we try to rectify it and hopefully we will find a solution soon. Once again thank you.

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Dragon City

Blizzard Dragon loves food! How about your Dragons? Take FREE FOOD and tell us which is your greediest Dragon! --> http://bit.ly/2fiJSc9

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Dragon City

Check out this cute Star Dragon created by Caitlyn.B🌼 Give her a LIKE if you also loved it!! If you want to send us some art works, you can send it here: Dragon City Community Manager Carrer de la Llacuna, 166, 08018 Barcelona Spain Thank you again and we will be waiting for your creatives!

Likes: 2,726 Shares: 49 Posted:

Dragon City

Vampire Island has just started👻 Click next link, get some Gold and use it in the Game!! Play Now--> http://bit.ly/2efsiX7

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Dragon City

Here you have the lucky winners of the Halloween Design Competition! 1: Eduardo Ginez 2: Rosaura Centurin 3: Paulo Neves 4: Cahrles Kami DC 5: Pedro Santos Congratulations and please check your private message on Facebook. Also we would like to give free random gift to all Dragon Masters who participated in this event. LIKE this post and click next link to get random freebie! ⇨ http://bit.ly/2ekYtQb Thanks everybody for participating🎃 http://gph.is/2fofp9A

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Dragon City

Which is your favourite HR Dragon? High Fenrir, High Nucleus, High Tension, High Priest or High Tidal? Play Heroic Race now -->http://bit.ly/2enfaOj

Likes: 4,493 Shares: 185 Posted:

Dragon City

We've received a message from the Producer of Dragon City! Click next link and check it out!! --> http://bit.ly/2fDKVUY

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Dragon City

Dragon City's Halloween Event has just started! Click next link for more information -->http://bit.ly/2fn4EbH

Likes: 2,902 Shares: 101 Posted:

Dragon City

Nothing glows in the dark like fire. Use this creature to lead your dragon army through the dark and, not only will he do that: He will also be the first one to defend his master. --> http://bit.ly/2fecbdr http://gph.is/2eiFrus

Likes: 3,121 Shares: 166 Posted:

Dragon City

New Heroic Race has just started! The High Tridal Dragon and other new features are waiting for you! Go and win the challenge now!! --> http://bit.ly/2eVEUyE Follow us here: Youtube : http://bit.ly/1OWAU1y https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=u7B9WMv4aow&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DFUGfRbztNs0%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded

Likes: 1,375 Shares: 32 Posted:

Dragon City

A new Heroic Race starts very soon! It's your chance to get a new exclusive Heroic Dragon. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1... GO! Follow us here: Youtube : http://bit.ly/1OWAU1y https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=9KuZ9LjiRZY&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D5lDJzMxsK-E%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Here is concept art of the Dragon which Sean, the winner of CCE, requested. Isn’t it amazing? LIKE and tell us your thoughts!! -->http://bit.ly/2enhKqb

Likes: 2,377 Shares: 72 Posted:

Dragon City

The Breeding Event has started and here you have some hints and tips! Breed your dragons and get the Rorschach Dragon 🌼Breeding Combination🌼 Firefighter Dragon + Desert Dragon = Rorschach Dragon! 🐉Place to get Dragons🐉 Get the Firefigher Dragon and the Dessert Dragon from the Magic Forest Island. 🌿Place to breed🌿 You can breed those dragons anywhere (Breeding Mountain, Ultra Breeding Tree, Ancient World) with parents from level 4. Play Dragon City today http://bit.ly/2enhKqb!

Likes: 2,200 Shares: 86 Posted:

Dragon City

What's your progress on the Amusement Park Island? Play now and let us know! -->http://bit.ly/2eqpAuz http://gph.is/2eexBYn

Likes: 2,226 Shares: 111 Posted:

Dragon City

Let us know your thoughts and SHARE with your friends :) https://encuesta.fbapp.io/bhwlww?from=admin_wall

Likes: 1,634 Shares: 67 Posted:

Dragon City

FREE FOOD TIME! To which Dragon are you going to give this Food? LIKE and let us know in the comments below! ⇨http://bit.ly/2dkk8wk http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=4A2E33FC1BE92D94F14711918A4FEE47&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20161018v2

Likes: 3,687 Shares: 415 Posted:

Dragon City

Halloween is coming very soon! Don't forget to vote for your favorite design!! For more information about Halloween Design Competition, go to our fan page from PC, click next link and get more information!! ⇨ http://bit.ly/2dVUP1w Good luck Dragon Masters!

Likes: 3,390 Shares: 199 Posted:

Dragon City

How cool is this! Check this amazing art work from one of our Dragon Masters! ✏️ What do you think? LIKE this post and get FREE GOLD! --> http://bit.ly/2ejBPgz

Likes: 6,997 Shares: 239 Posted:

Dragon City

Do you wanna create your own Dragon in real life? Yes? Then check this out!--> http://bit.ly/2e09pTM You will find out how to make Monstrous Dragon!!

Likes: 1,694 Shares: 76 Posted:

Dragon City

Ok, ok! Here are the next hints and tips, Dragon Masters! 🌼Breeding Combination🌼 Patriot Dragon+ Strong Dragon = Handy Dragon Heart Dragon+ Obsidian Dragon= Spartan Dragon And finally... Handy Dragon + Spartan Dragon= Night Dragon! 🐉Place to get Dragons🐉 Get the Strong Dragon and Obsidian Dragon in the Tournaments. 🌿Place to breed🌿 You can breed those dragons anywhere (Breeding Mountain, Ultra Breeding Tree, Ancient World) with dragons from level 4. The order of dragons in the breeding doesn't matter! LIKE and SHARE this information with your friends!

Likes: 2,161 Shares: 136 Posted:

Dragon City

Dragon Masters, tell us what kind of post you would like to see on Dragon City fan page! We want to know your thoughts and idea💡 LIKE and SHARE with your friends! https://encuesta.fbapp.io/ygqraf?from=admin_wall

Likes: 2,152 Shares: 113 Posted:

Dragon City

Big THANK YOU from Dragon City!! The Dragon City Youtube channel just reached 100,000 Subscribers! You are not subscribed? What are you waiting for? Check it out here --> http://bit.ly/2dk0obx https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=lQXXC9b5P5k&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DvuVSq6GJ1e4%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

We are glad to be part of the #Apple campaign “Maravillosos Juegos Españoles” (only available in Spain) along with our super fun games Dragon Land and World Chef! #HechoenEspaña Check it out here! http://apple.co/2d7Rg8W Play Dragon Land today! http://apple.co/2dxrmOS2 Play World Chef today! http://apple.co/2dRcdYq

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Dragon City

The Breeding Event has started and here you have some hints and tips! Breed your dragons and get the Wolffish Dragon. 🌼Breeding Combination🌼 Frostbite Dragon + Big Wheel Dragon = Middle Earth Dragon! Homerun Dragon + Gargoyle Dragon = Barley Dragon. And finally .... Middle Earth Dragon + Barley Dragon = Wolffish Dragon! 🐉Place to get Dragons🐉 Get Frostbite Dragon and Homerun Dragon in the Tournaments. Also, go to the Amusement Park Island to obtain the Rollercoaster Dragon and the Gargoyle Dragon. 🌿Place to breed🌿 You can breed those dragons anywhere (Breeding Mountain, Ultra Breeding Tree, Ancient World) with parents from level 4. The order of dragons in the breeding doesn't matter! Remember, this combination doesn’t guarantee you'll obtain the desired dragon, but we have listened to you and your chances are bigger this time :) Hit LIKE and SHARE if you want more hints and tips!!

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Dragon City

Soon in Dragon City, you will be able to breed the Wolffish Dragon (NEW!) with the Night Dragon (NEW!)! By breeding these two, you will have the chance to get the Independence Day Dragon, Princess Dragon and the new Legendary White Soul Dragon! We will tell you soon how to get the Wolffish and Night Dragons, so keep watching the page!

Likes: 2,346 Shares: 88 Posted:

Dragon City

The Amusement Maze Island has arrived to Dragon City, get in the Park, jump on the rollercoaster and release the new Dragons from their cages Play Now! http://bit.ly/2dcJtqM

Likes: 2,365 Shares: 104 Posted:

Dragon City

PHOTO ISLAND CONTEST📷✨ And the winner is…..Dragon Master Katie Brannon, your Island wowed almost 200 Dragon Masters! Well done, the very well deserved prize will be on your account very soon! ----- We would like to see how amazing are your Islands. 1. Take a screenshot of your coolest Island. 2. Add it to the comments. 3. Wait for Likes The Island that gets more likes will get 100 Gems! SHARE and LIKE to have more chances. Play now! http://bit.ly/2dcJtqM

Likes: 3,161 Shares: 248 Posted:

Dragon City

✨MESSAGE FROM THE PRODUCER✨ Dear Dragon Masters, First of all, we would like to take the chance to thank you all for your support. September has been an amazing and intense month for all of us and we would like to give you a quick overview on all that been going on in the city of dragons. Creativity Chest Event🎁: We launched the first multiple event in the history of Dragon City, the Creativity Chest Event. The involvement was great and we are glad to see that so many of you managed to get new dragons and enjoyed the event. Also, we can't wait to see the brand new dragon design from our lucky winner. Congratulations again, Sean! Livestream🎥: Along with the CCE we also broadcasted our first Livestream, and while there are always things to improve, we are very happy with the response that we received from all of you. Thanks for joining us! New Dragons🐉: September was a very prolific month when it comes to dragons. We had loads of new cool dragons: the Unicorn Dragon, Hell Twin Dragon, High Priest Dragon, City Shark Dragon… and many more! Youtube📺: We hit 100,000 Subscribers in our Youtube channel. This wouldn't have been possible without so many of you backing us....What? You are not subscribed? Come on! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2dk0obx We also had some Fan Art, a Heroic Race, short-timed islands, promotions…. Please keep sending us your creations and we will add them to our DC Wall of Fame. The Dragon City team never sleeps and we are already working on making October very exciting for you…Halloween, new events,new dragons.... are you up for the challenge? Again, thank you very much and keep conquering! Best,

Likes: 2,472 Shares: 63 Posted:

Dragon City

Check out the latest brand new Dragon in town, the CityShark Dragon. LIKE and SHARE for more GIFs. Play now! http://bit.ly/2dcJtqM http://gph.is/2dnzDCI

Likes: 3,866 Shares: 489 Posted:

Dragon City

We are delighted to have so much talent in our Dragon Masters! Please keep sending us your creations! http://bit.ly/2dw5Kkm

Likes: 2,637 Shares: 58 Posted:

Dragon City

Happy Friday Dragon Masters! Here is the FREE RANDOM gift from DC to start the weekend in the best way! ⇨http://bit.ly/2cMe79k

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Dragon City

We want hear you! Participate in this poll and let us know your opinion:) https://encuesta.fbapp.io/rlwtkx?from=admin_wall

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Dragon City

A new Heroic Race is coming! Complete laps, win the race and obtain the new Heroic creature: The High Priest Dragon. The High Priest Dragon can control pure energy like no one else. In his ceremonies, energy empowers him so much that it makes him levitate. When he’s in trance, he becomes untouchable. Play now -->http://bit.ly/2djr6kM Follow us here: Youtube : http://bit.ly/1OWAU1y https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=HIIzF3owvbg&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DvOl3KfYwg1U%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Frankestein Island has arrived to Dragon City! Are you ready to explore it? A new Dragon is waiting inside!

Likes: 2,533 Shares: 74 Posted:

Dragon City

DRAGON OFFER! A good bunch of dragons with wild discounts made their comeback to our store! Tell us which became yours!

Likes: 1,654 Shares: 30 Posted:

Dragon City

The most iconic characters of Dragon City have stepped out of their floating islands and are here to join your iMessage chats: Joy♫, love❤️, anger💢, flattery🌸… there’s a dragon for every feeling! Update to iOS10 and download Dragon City Stickers for iPhone, iPad and iMessage on the App Store for iMessage. #iMessageApps. - The pack includes 12 dragon stickers for all emotions. - The most famous emojis have taken the shape of your favorite Dragon City characters. - Don’t miss the extra original stickers featuring the Mojito, Poo, Monstrous and Spicy Dragons. Download now! ⇨ http://apple.co/2cOdoqR

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Dragon City

Thanks for joining us LIVE on our Dragon City fanpage and for all the feedback you have sent us today⭐️   - We added an extra prize to all those players that got the lottery ticket, we dropped a Dual Dragon on all those players Storage. - We gave free food for all those that watched the Live Stream in this link http://bit.ly/2c80deL - We announced the new Heroic Race Event, the reward will be the brand new High Priest Dragon. Last but not least big big big Congrats to Dragon Master SEAN MU, the winner of the CCE. SHARE and LIKE and be part of something special

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Dragon City

🔥THE CREATIVITY CHEST🔥 Did you get the Lottery Ticket in the Inferno Chest? The winner will be announced through a Facebook livestream on September 14th at 8am (California). If you have any questions, leave it in the comments below! STAY TUNED:) 5pm (Barcelona), 11am (New York), 11pm (Beijing)

Likes: 3,810 Shares: 130 Posted:

Dragon City

Free Gold time! Use this Gold for your Dragons and if you want more freebies... LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends! -->http://bit.ly/2c1sqso http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=F1B49DD10144749774DB136FD0F92527&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160911v2

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Dragon City

HURRY UP! There is not much time left to get the Inferno Chest. Did you start thinking how would you call your Dragon or how would it be?

Likes: 2,623 Shares: 96 Posted:

Dragon City

🔥The Creativity Chest Event🔥 We are pleased to announce you that we are going to have Dragon City Livestream about The Creativity Chest on September 14th. For more details, check this video! Make sure you LIKE the page so you know when it is happening! We look forward to meeting you and announcing the winner! ⇨ http://bit.ly/2c5Q8le Please check the policy of this event here: http://dc-contest.socialpoint.es/ https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=AnNHDCpGlaM&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dqlydf2ygDtI%26feature%3Dshare

Likes: 1,633 Shares: 37 Posted:

Dragon City

Dear Dragon Masters, Thank you very much for your engagement and all the comments regarding the Creativity Chest Event (CCE), also congratulations to all the Dragon Masters that have already opened the Inferno Chest!! 🎉 This is the first time we set an event as crazy as this, we will use your feedback to do things better in the future. ===================== CCE is a parallel event to the game itself. All the usual features, such as the Galactic Island, are available as usual. You can still feed, breed and battle with your dragons. It is just extra!! We have heard all your concerns and we want to give you some clarifications: 💧 CCE is too difficult!!! breeding, tournaments...💧 We would like to state that breeding is based on luck, the combinations we give are not 100% sure, this is why some people got the Dragons very easily and for some others it was more difficult. Breeding can happen anywhere, with dragons from level 4. Nevertheless for those that had to try more times got several Dragons, it has been an opportunity to get new Dragons. All the Dragons required in the tournament were achievable through breeding. The Summer and the Graduation Dragon were used for breeding the Hell Twin but were valid for the Tournaments as well. Also, the required Dragons in Tournament 2 and 3, Poker Dragon and Dessert Dragon are actually the rewards for completing Tournament 1 and 2. Each tournament is rewarding players with cool Dragon. 🐉 VIP dragon offered after breeding, really? 🐉 We offered the Hell Twin Dragon with a VIP offer (besides the Breeding cascade) because we wanted to give the chance to all the players to keep participating in the CCE. It is the first time in Dragon City that a VIP Dragon has been offered through breeding!! 👑 Why there is only one winner!?!? 👑 Making a new Dragon is a very complex process that requires a lot of time and dedication from our artists. We have decided to have one winner to make this event unique. The best artists in the world will be designing the winner's choice! There will be one final winner, however all those that manage to complete the CCE will have earned one brand new Dragon (the Hero Dragon), the Legendary Hell Twin Dragon, plus several new additions to the Dragon Book. This means that many of you have won. 🎨 But, I don’t know how to draw!!! 🎨 Reminder: You don’t have to make the design if you don’t want. Be our Artist Director and tell us what elements, rarity and appearance you would like for your Dragon, and our guys will do the job.….oh, and don’t forget the NAME!!! Thank you again for all the feedback, and now….get back to your Dragons!!!

Likes: 2,356 Shares: 81 Posted:

Dragon City

🔥The Creativity Chest Event🔥 Why we need Hell Twin Dragon so much? Well, you will understand it after watching this video! ⇨ http://bit.ly/2c5Q8le Please check the policy of this event here: http://dc-contest.socialpoint.es/ https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=zhhMNL6THao&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DGlcqHsWuV30%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

VIP offer! You will need this dragon to get the Inferno Chest and a chance to have your OWN dragon in the game!! Visit the Dragon City Shop for more details. http://gph.is/2c4Towx

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Dragon City

🔥The Creativity Chest Event🔥 Do you want more information about how to get the Inferno Chest? Check this out and win the battle!! ⇨ http://bit.ly/2c5Q8le In the Tournament you can get 3 dragons including one brand new dragon. Please check the policy of this event here: http://dc-contest.socialpoint.es/ https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=QiZd_vLQbZw&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DFaLIjHF5Dt8%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

🔥The Creativity Chest Event🔥 The contents of the special chest have been revealed! Find out about them in this video and play Dragon City now!! ⇨http://bit.ly/2c1KwpY The purpose of this event is to reward one of Dragon City fans who got the Inferno Chest in the application during the event period. The winner will get opportunity to design their own Dragon and choose its name. The submission can be anything: a description, a drawing, a picture, etc. The Dragon City team will then turn the design of the winner into a dragon that will be available in the Dragon City game. Please check the policy of this event here: http://dc-contest.socialpoint.es/ https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=MMnuYnppSJI&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dvsevo0KfboM%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

HURRY UP!! The Breeding event will finish soon! Remember that you will need the Hell Twin Dragon to get the Inferno Chest and the amazing reward inside! http://bit.ly/2bW7lQk

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Dragon City

Happy Friday Dragon Masters! Take this FREE gift from Dragon City and let's celebrate with Dragons:) --> http://bit.ly/2bWSt3c http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=F1B49DD101447497838C62F1DF566C67&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160902v2

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Dragon City

We have heard you! After reviewing the comments on the post we have decided to call the Panda....... Harmony! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In April 2016, Social Point, Apple and WWF worked together to protect life on our planet. Your support made a difference! We want to thank everyone who participated in this wonderful #AppsforEarth project! We would like to give a name to this cute and fluffy panda that WWF sent us as a sign of gratitude! Tell us your idea in a comment below and LIKE this post to give him a warm welcome:)

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Dragon City

CREATIVITY CHEST EVENT: The first step to get the Inferno Chest is breeding the Hell Twin Dragon. Use these tips to do so. 1. Breed Flame Dragon and Space Being Dragon (available in the Galactic Island) to get Summer Dragon 2. Breed Quetzal Dragon and Solstice Dragon (available in the Galactic Island) to get Graduation Dragon 3. Breed Summer Dragon and Graduation Dragon to get 🔥Hell Twin Dragon🔥 But remember, you might have to try few times before getting it!!!

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Dragon City

Oh wow! Look at that chest! Do you want to know what is inside? SHARE or LIKE to get more hints....

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Dragon City

We have found new Dragons and loads of surprises in the Galactic Island! Come on! Play now and get them!

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Dragon City

⭐️Dragon City Mini Quiz: DRAGON⭐️ Do you wanna know the answer? The answer is..... THE ANGRY DRAGON!!! He has never been happy in his life! --------------------------------------------------- Everybody is happy in Summer time, but not this Dragon...actually he is not happy in Winter either. Which Dragon could it be? Leave the answer in the comments below!

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, new Heroic Race is here! By Liking and Sharing this post, you will have good luck in the race:) Ready, set... GO! --> http://bit.ly/2a0CJs3 https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=2pycauNqfYs&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DXCfmzvfTgJk%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Free Rewards! Get 15 gems by following next steps: 1. Go to the "Apps" side menu on Facebook. 2. Click on the settings icon next to Dragon City and then on "Add to Favorites". 3. Refresh Facebook. 4. Open Dragon City from the Favorites section. 5. Click on thumbs up icon with "Claim Reward" (Left side of main page) 6. You will see pop-up to claim the reward. Select "Claim" button. This offer is available for one time only. Hence, if you've already used it before, you cannot claim it again.

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Dragon City

Last sneak peak, Dragon Masters! Tomorrow you will find some Legendary dragons (yes, Legendary!) with huge, massive, extraordinary discounts in the Shop. Go get them all! -->http://bit.ly/2a0CJs3

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

You have a lot of dragons! Get more space for them! There's a 50% discount on all expansions and island acquisitions. --> http://bit.ly/29UYzRq

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Dragon City

Last big chance to push dragons as far as possible in Dragon City Games event! Tomorrow, for 3 hours, there'll be a discount on moves! Go go go, get 'em! -->http://bit.ly/2aFyT8B

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

Happy Friendship Day! Dragons are sending you a big hug to wish you a great day:) Click here and visit them --> http://bit.ly/29QI6Js

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Dragon City

Ok ok, the sneak peak for tomorrow is... Discount on moves in the Dragon City Games Island! This is your chance to push dragons as far through the maze as you can! Stay tuned, it's a limited-time opportunity! -->http://bit.ly/2arHYFd

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

Who asked for super crazy offers? Here you go, Dragon Masters: The Happy Hour event starts tomorrow! During 10 days we will give you amazing offers everyday. Guess what those offers are gonna be and write it as a comment! Share / like this post if you want more information! Stay tuned!

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Dragon City

What's your dragon of choice for this Summer? Click on the image and let us know in the comments below! http://gph.is/2asPBK7

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Dragon City

GREAT NEWS!!!! Based on your feedback, from now on all the points generated by the Dragons in the Dragonarium will be counted for Dragon Master Points. Check out your new ranking!

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Dragon City

Welcome to Dragon City, Liquid Dragon! This creature is flexible and resistant, but don't keep him too close to the Sun Dragon if you don't want him to dry up! Get him now-->http://bit.ly/2a0CJs3

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Dragon City

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Dragon City

Cause Dragon Masters are the best fans in the world, we decided to make next dragons available for breeding! Apache Dragon, Cheshire Cat Dragon, Old General Dragon, Spartan Dragon and Dark Lord Dragon!! Who knows their new formula?→ http://bit.ly/29mWz2T

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Dragon City

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I know that lot of Dragon Masters were waiting for this secret combination. Here you are! Breed Voltage Dragon with Lantern Fish Dragon and obtain Spartan Dragon! If we get looot of LIKE and SHARE, something amazing might happen;)

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Dragon City

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Breed cool dragons, make them grow and combat with friends in a world of magical islands!

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