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Cheat Dragon City Money, Habitat and Farm

Dragon City Cheat to get infinite money, habitat and farm. This cheats use cheat engine follow the guide enable the cheat.

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Welcome Dragon City Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Dragon City

Welcome to Dragon City, Liquid Dragon! This creature is flexible and resistant, but don't keep him too close to the Sun Dragon if you don't want him to dry up! Get him now-->http://bit.ly/2a0CJs3

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Dragon City

As you guys requested, here is Free Food★ Ok, next challenge! If we reach 4K LIKE, we will give you SUPER CRAZY OFFERS that you have never seen before! ⇨http://bit.ly/2a795jt http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=426BC3D17633BCE4B8424B358C733220&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160726v2

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Dragon City

Cause Dragon Masters are the best fans in the world, we decided to make next dragons available for breeding! Apache Dragon, Cheshire Cat Dragon, Old General Dragon, Spartan Dragon and Dark Lord Dragon!! Who knows their new formula?→ http://bit.ly/29mWz2T

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Dragon City

Now you can carry your Dragons everywhere! DC T-Shirts are available for a limited time in the US! If you LIKE and SHARE, maybe we will make them available in other countries:) #WearYourDragons Click here to get it-->http://amzn.to/2afSKM8

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Dragon City

I know that lot of Dragon Masters were waiting for this secret combination. Here you are! Breed Voltage Dragon with Lantern Fish Dragon and obtain Spartan Dragon! If we get looot of LIKE and SHARE, something amazing might happen;)

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters! A new adventure like you've never seen before starts today. Discover the Dragon City Games Island now! Play Now⇨http://bit.ly/29KqbZ3 https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=C7p9ESeC2Js&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DNVaAvk2rp2M%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters! Dragon City Games Island has started! Are you ready? 3, 2, 1... GO!! -->http://bit.ly/29KqbZ3

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Dragon City

Dear Dragon Masters, Here you have first secret combination! Breed Voltage Dragon with Waterfall Dragon and get Apache Dragon! Remember, this combination doesn’t guarantee you 100% to obtain the Dragon but probability is really high:) Hit LIKE and SHARE if you want next secret combination!!

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Dragon City

Mmm... Yummy! It's Food freebie! If we reach 2K LIKE, we will do it again next week!! Let's do this Dragon Masters!! -->http://bit.ly/29vtGk4

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, summer is here:) Join this summer quest and enjoy your holidays with your Dragons!! -->http://bit.ly/29PE6sU

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Dragon City

Gold Gold Gold! Who wants more Gold? Take it and share this with your friends! -->http://bit.ly/29qYRhR http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=426BC3D17633BCE448A7808F0D12D7A4&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160717v2

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters!! There is new version with super exciting feature in one of our other games, World Chef! Check it out and tell us what you think! --> http://bit.ly/29TPJT2 https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=4Rwlk5TEyKQ&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DlNLq0FQGs8M%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

It's Fan Art time! Check this cool art work from one of our Dragon Masters! Isn't it amazing? -->http://bit.ly/29yoo85

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Dragon City

A new Heroic Race starts very soon! It's your chance to get a new exclusive Heroic Dragon. GO! Follow us here: Youtube : http://bit.ly/1OWAU1y https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=-TulH9rOoqU&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Do3a7qnArHfc%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

These 5 Dragons are available for breeding:) Wisp Dragon, Car Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Ocean Dragon and Patriot Dragon!! Can you guess their new formulas? --> http://bit.ly/29mWz2T

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Dragon City

Happy Independence Day! How are you going to celebrate this special day? Like and tell us:) -->http://bit.ly/29h3DjT

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Dragon City

Hi Dragon Masters! Thanks very much for your feedback on the new 4.4 update, which included more space! We have heard your comments, carefully reviewed all your feedback and we have decided to make some changes: 1) Decrease the Gold prices for the habitats - We have just launched the price update, so all of you with 4.4 or later should already see the updated prices in your game - The new prices are still progressive (they will grow for every new habitat you buy), but are now fairer and more attainable - We hope that all of you, both new and experienced Dragon Masters that have been waiting for this update for a long time, can now get the habitats you need to place your stored dragons much faster 2) Explain the rationale behind the changes in the habitat prices - Now, to get a Big Habitat you have to buy a Small Habitat and then upgrade it. We decided to do this in order to simplify the store and make it easier to understand for new players. It is also a regular practice in other similar games of the category. In no way does this affect or change the amount of habitats you can place per level. - We have increased both the amount of habitats you have available per level and the total amount of habitats (from 82 to 120) to give you more room to store your dragons. - We have made the prices grow progressively as you advance in the game, so every new habitat you buy of each element will have a higher Gold price than the previous one from that element. We have done so, as habitats, together with dragons, are the most precious items in our game, and we wanted to maintain the level of effort that it takes to achieve them as you advance in the game. So the more Gold you have as you progress, the higher the prices of the habitats (and, as before: the better the element, the higher the price). Before, if you were a high-level player, you could buy Terra Habitats (or others) instantly for almost nothing, as you had loads of Gold, which really undervalued them. 3) Gold Offer this weekend - We have just released a 2-day, 50% discount Gold Offer in order to help you get the extra Gold you need for more habitats. We hope you like the adjustments :) Best, The Dragon City team

Likes: 2,004 Shares: 88 Posted:

Dragon City

Come on Dragon Masters!! The Weekend is almost there:) -->http://bit.ly/28R3jIg

Likes: 1,547 Shares: 71 Posted:

Dragon City

LIMITED TIME BREEDING EVENT! To help you start, we are giving you a special formula! This time the Mother Dragon will help you grow your collection! For example from June 29th to June 30th, if you breed the Mother Dragon and Aztec Emperor Dragon you might get the Wisp Dragon. Remember, this combination doesn’t 100% guarantee that you will obtain them. It is part of the challenge!

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Dragon City

How cool is this! Vanoss plays Dragon City and yes, we have Vanoss Dragon! Check it out right now:) -->http://bit.ly/28R3jIg https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=OlzWQxaeX5c&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dp7p0aRqqhyM%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Happy Friday Dragon Masters! What did you get? -->http://bit.ly/28R3jIg http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=BA8303584AD3974E35D0BDAC7E67B17D&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160624v2

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Dragon City

Big News Dragon Masters!! More Space is now available! There are new 3 Islands: Rune Islands, Futuristic Islands and Moon Island!! Now the maximum number of Habitats you can have is 120! Also you can place a second Dragon in the Legend Habitat! Tell and share this great news with all your friends around the world! My Dragons are happy and jumping around! How about yours? If they are happy too, give us a LIKE and SHARE. https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=RNXldGyvLLY&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DnobgN1jC3dc%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

What's going on in Dragon City!? OH NO! Crazy Lab Island is here! Explore it and get exclusive crazy dragons! Play Now⇨http://bit.ly/28L0t2Q

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Dragon City

Many Dragon Masters. The moment you've been waiting for long is here! Check this Secret Combination! LIKE and SHARE with other Dragon Masters!! 1. Breed Storm Dragon and Lantern Fish Dragon to get Soul Eater 2. Breed Pure Electric Dragon and Iron Dragon to get Chicken 3. Breed Force and Believer Dragon to get Sheep Remember, this combination doesn’t 100% guarantee that you will obtain them, as this is part of challenge! Good luck:) -->http://bit.ly/28L0t2Q

Likes: 4,594 Shares: 847 Posted:

Dragon City

Yupiiii! it's Friday! Look at Star Dragon flying around...? Do you know where she is? Play Now --> http://bit.ly/1ZEgg71 http://gph.is/1Qbjhvx

Likes: 3,006 Shares: 158 Posted:

Dragon City

Very good news from Dragon City! We are pleased to announce that in next version we will launch more space for you to put your dragons and take care of them! We’ve seen lots of Dragon Masters were having problems with space and for months we’ve been working really hard to make your requests come true. Soon we will announce more details about this feature. Stay tuned!

Likes: 3,767 Shares: 230 Posted:

Dragon City

Dragon Masters!! Would you like to find out the secret combinations? Nisse= Martial Arts Dragon + Pterodactyl Dragon Water Storm= Colossal Dragon + Pure Metal Dragon Mother Dragon= Ifrit + Amerindian LIKE this post and SHARE if you want more!!

Likes: 13,463 Shares: 3,746 Posted:

Dragon City

Gold Gold Gold! LIKE if you want more freebies! -->http://bit.ly/1ZEfLtN http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=BA8303584AD3974E88C13469F39C14DE&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160612v2

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, Sumer Cup has started! There are crazy offers, packs and so on!! Stay tuned;) -->http://bit.ly/1ZEgg71

Likes: 3,825 Shares: 107 Posted:

Dragon City

Hi Dragon Masters, We’ve received reports and comments regarding the Dragons have lost their skills and stars. We appreciate for letting us know about this issue and thank you for your patience with us. Our team has been working very hard to find the cause of this, and we are now pleased to inform you that we've fixed this problem! We also recovered all of skills and stars which Dragons have lost. We also want to let you all know that we have been working on something special. Something you have all been asking for! ;) Happy gaming!!

Likes: 4,268 Shares: 88 Posted:

Dragon City

A new Heroic Race is coming! Complete laps, win the race and obtain the new Heroic creature: the High Nucleus Dragon. Ready, set... GO! --> http://bit.ly/1XEIxgC Follow us here on Youtube : http://bit.ly/1OWAU1y https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=Ng9xS-eMULA&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DCyFoyoLbP2k%26feature%3Dshare

Likes: 50,288 Shares: 192 Posted:

Dragon City

We've been listening to your comments regarding the rankings and we've decided to leave them alone. That's right, they are staying where they are! We've noticed that a lot of you have finished the tournaments and want more league levels. So today, we are announcing: - 5 new permanent Tournaments added! This means you can fight and get 5 free dragons! - Have you already won all Leagues? Then we have good news for you: 35 new League levels are in! Happy Gaming!

Likes: 2,577 Shares: 84 Posted:

Dragon City

Hello Dragon Masters! We seen that some of the Dragons decided to finish the Jungle Island earlier than expected! We are sorry to hear they were being naughty. You will find the Event has been extended and hopefully they will continue to play nice for you. Thank you to everyone who informed us! Now go back and claim what's rightfully yours!

Likes: 2,966 Shares: 63 Posted:

Dragon City

Hurry up Dragon Masters! The event will end soon! Tell us how far through you are in the comments below! -->http://bit.ly/1Vsv4X0

Likes: 2,070 Shares: 63 Posted:

Dragon City

Hey Dragon Masters! Some minor changes are coming to Dragon City in the following days. You don’t need to download an update, but we thought you’d like to know :) - 5 new Tournaments will be added! This means you’ll be able to fight and get 5 free dragons! - We've noticed things are getting a little crowded in the top leagues! We have good news for you: 35 new League levels are coming! Who will be the first to reach 400? - Rankings will be removed: This is part of a cleaning up process to make space for new, better features. As Rankings aren’t used by the majority of Dragon Masters and it worked with old features that are no longer relevant. Remember you can still find your friends through the social button in the menu!

Likes: 2,400 Shares: 146 Posted:

Dragon City

Today is Global Day of Parents! Dragon Masters, thank you for taking care of Dragons and raise them strong! LIKE and SHARE if you also think that we are a big Happy family! ⇨http://bit.ly/1Vsv4X0 show less

Likes: 2,316 Shares: 238 Posted:

Dragon City

Fresh news from the floating city! New version is now available in AppStore and GooglePlay! Make sure to update your Dragon City to this latest version:) - Full Hatchery? No problem. You can still get new eggs and save them in your storage! - If the result of a breeding is a very powerful dragon that you can’t use at your level, you can now either store it or sell it. - Having a problem? Now you can interact with customer support without exiting the game. - Very cool art improvements, including a new, more convenient interface. - Your usual serving of polishing. Happy Gaming!

Likes: 1,532 Shares: 59 Posted:

Dragon City

Dark Sky Dragon, also known as "King of the Night", reigns whenever the sun is not shining. He can control all creatures of the dark just by looking at them. Take this wallpaper, SHARE, LIKE this post and Get him now!!

Likes: 3,853 Shares: 1,281 Posted:

Dragon City

Happy Friday!! What did you get from this slot? Tell us in the comments below:) http://bit.ly/20JHp8Z http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A8685E39975AB628F7AD&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160527v2

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Dragon City

Check out our new trailer and follow us on YouTube! Youtube : http://bit.ly/1OWAU1y https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=JVpv618mVJo&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DR6LKEybJMb4%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded

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Dragon City

FREE GOLD! Take this chance and get some gold for free! Tell us in what you are going to use it! -->http://bit.ly/1NBWcBe http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A86886C97337A1FA0048&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160522v2

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Dragon City

Happy Friday Dragon Masters! It seems that Dragons are going to have a party tonight!! How about you? Tell us in the comments below!

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Dragon City

⭐Dragon City Mini Quiz: DRAGON⭐ Do you wanna know the answer? The answer is..... ANUBIS DRAGON!!! ----- If you were an egyptian Pharoah, which dragon would you choose as a pet? Leave the answer in the comments below!

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Dragon City

As you know the Jungle Island has started! Explore it and enjoy this new adventure! --> http://bit.ly/1Xl760d

Likes: 1,851 Shares: 86 Posted:

Dragon City

ADD ME! Do you want more friends?Ask other Dragon Masters to add you on Facebook and help each other! -->http://bit.ly/1Xl760d

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, how is your race going on? You have to complete lap No.4 to qualify. Don't forget! -->http://bit.ly/1N471eP

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Dragon City

Food is my Dragons' best friend! how about your Dragons? Take this gift, LIKE and SHARE the post! i'm sure that your Dragons will be super happy! http://bit.ly/1Npes0H http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A86872B2D908127C77C4&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160510v2

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Dragon City

Happy Mother's Day! Mom means everything for Dragons as well and they say thank you from the bottom of their heart:)

Likes: 3,055 Shares: 138 Posted:

Dragon City

Hi Dragon Masters, We’ve received reports and comments regarding the opponents you've been matched against in Heroic Races. Thank you for letting us know about it and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused you. It was caused by accidentally matching people against test values and ID's from our test server instead of real, current, live players. We’ve now fixed this issue and will re-match you against real people. Oh, and don't worry about your progress! It has been saved and you will be able to continue right where you left off :) Enjoy the race and good luck. May the best dragon master win!

Likes: 3,210 Shares: 94 Posted:

Dragon City

What's your dragon of choice for this Spring? Click on the image and let us know in the comments below!! http://gph.is/1Wbxivr

Likes: 5,665 Shares: 609 Posted:

Dragon City

Some Dragon Masters asked a lot about Free Food! Get it now and let you friends know about this amazing gift!-->http://bit.ly/1pWQsGT http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A868F060A6DA6663378B&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160503v2

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Dragon City

Relax and enjoy Sunday! Like if you get this free Gold and Share it with your friends!! http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A868F11CD2FCA2545EEC&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160501v2

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Dragon City

Dear Dragon Masters, "Design Your Own Skin" contest has just started in our other game, Dragon Land. Click here for more information-->http://bit.ly/1N6WXSI Good luck to all participants:)

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Dragon City

We can't thank you enough for being part of #AppsforEarth and collaborating with @Social Point @App Store and @World Wildlife Fund. Learn More: http://goo.gl/1GcTIy

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Dragon City

It’s your last chance to download our limited time #AppsforEarth content and help protect the Earth! If you haven't completed the Panda Island yet, don't give up! It will be gone soon, but you still have one last chance to earn all six new and exclusive dragons! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/kOJvsu. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Happy Earth Day! Dragon City is celebrating with #AppsforEarth! @Social Point, @App Store and @World Wildlife Fund are working together to protect life on our planet, but you can contribute to our cause too! Learn More: appstore.com/appsforearth. Play: http://bit.ly/1PWVARU

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Dragon City

A world powered by renewable energy means communities and ecosystems can be resilient in the face of climate changes. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Sustainable Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: appstore.com/appsforearth. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Around the globe, food production, distribution, management and waste threaten wildlife, wild places and the planet itself. Let's make sure we consume food responsibly. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Padron Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/PxgJsP. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

@World Wildlife Fund is working to conserve life on Earth by conserving the most exceptional ecosystems and habitats - places that are particularly rich in biodiversity, with unique animals and plants, like no other. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store and earn the new Leaf Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/bVXIUq. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Freshwater are home to more than 10% of all known animals and about 50% of all known fish species. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Symbiotic Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/C5i4Mf. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface and produce up to 70% of our oxygen. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Deep Sea Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/vPH8Tt. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

One square kilometer of forest may be home to more than 1,000 species. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Forest Lord Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/l0pgSK. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Your support can make a difference! It's your choice: Participate in our #AppsforEarth project with @App Store and support @World Wildlife Fund! Learn More: http://goo.gl/NPYVSz. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

@Social Point, @App Store and @World Wildlife Fund are working together to protect life on our planet! Help us and contribute by playing the Panda Island, and obtain 6 exclusive new dragons that will only be available during the event, from April 14 through April 24, exclusively for iOS users! http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A Check out the video:

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, once in a while, something so big happens that it can change Dragon City forever. Today is one of those days. Today we are annoucing a new rarity! This is no ordinary rarity. It can not be bred, it can not be bought, it can only be won. The Dragons of this rarity are special. So special they need their own special event. Announcing the Heroic Races! The first Dragon of the new Heroic Rarity is High Fenrir. The High Fenrir is a celestial palatine that has devoted his life to the protection of the norse gods. He’s actually considered a demigod. He is waiting for you. He is waiting for the victors of the first race to claim him. Get ready for the new adventure. Get ready for the Heroic Races!! -->https://youtu.be/GK3SdDSAVXc

Likes: 41,490 Shares: 157 Posted:

Dragon City

Oh yes! It's Free Food time! If you like it and want more, click LIKE and SHARE with your friends:) -->http://bit.ly/1VkXhQx http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=49154A805EB3FB359F02B4E5DC546248&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160412v2

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Dragon City

Third Epic Journey has just started! Which Epic Journey do you like most?:) Play now⇨http://bit.ly/1N471eP

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, are your Dragons safe? Never share any personal details such as passwords or User ID, to anyone! Those websites with "hack" offers or third parties are interesting in your account! Protect your Dragons from them!

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Dragon City

This spirit of the forest was transformed into a dragon by Mother Nature so that he could fulfill a duty: to protect the High Kings of Ireland for eternity.

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Dragon City

Second short island has started! Tell us your thoughts about this event! LIKE if you are enjoying:) Play now-->http://bit.ly/23f45n1

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Dragon City

Epic Journey has started in Dragon City! Prepare your dragons and pack some Food for the dangerous road that lies ahead!

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Dragon City

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! The event will end soon! Play now-->http://bit.ly/1SFitfQ

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Dragon City

⭐️DC Mini Competition UPDATE⭐️ Check out the answer of this competition:) Also the winners are... Harrison Caetano Susan Cota Crystal King Doreen Grogan Ibrahim Aamer Marie Fortier Sergio Gálvez Guerrero Scott Blanchard Mijael Luna Denise Lonsdorf Happy gaming!

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Dragon City

Lot of Dragon Masters asked... So here is FREE FOOD! Take it, raise your Dragons and make them stronger!! -->http://bit.ly/1WFw3ks http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=A1F7F6FD4CBE89B5A68F3CFD95423219&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160329v2

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Dragon City

This noble dragon commands an army of eagles that watches over the entire dragon world. -->http://bit.ly/1Rd8BcM

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Dragon City

Did you know that Dragon Land has Multiplayer mode? Run against other players, collect and use boosters and climb the rankings! iOS: http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android: http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

★DC MINI COMPETITION★ Question 1: Tell us the name of these 2 shadowed Dragons! Who are they? Question 2: How many Dragons do you see in this picture? Excluding Dragon shadows. Click LIKE and Comment your answer! From all the correct answers we will RANDOMLY select 10 winners and give them 300 gems!! Who accept the challenge?→http://bit.ly/1QfH8sy

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Dragon City

Have you already visited our new game, Dragon Land? Fun is guaranteed! iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

Likes: 1,296 Shares: 53 Posted:

Dragon City

Are you ready for the new event Dragon Masters? "Aye Aye Captain" I can't hear you! "AYE AYE CAPTAIN" Let the event begin!-->http://bit.ly/1Rd8BcM

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Dragon City

Jump, dash, climb, glide your way through every episode and get new skins for your Dragons!! Play Dragon Land now: iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

Likes: 1,230 Shares: 40 Posted:

Dragon City

Guess who is playing our new game! PewDiePie! How about you? Tell us your thoughts about Dragon Land! iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=vvfZiMi70qU&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D3tWbvPqbyPI%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Enjoying our 3rd Birthday Island? Tell us in which part of event you are! The celebration will end soon! -->http://on.fb.me/1psNz0i

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Dragon City Game Information:

Breed cool dragons, make them grow and combat with friends in a world of magical islands!

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Monthly Users: 5,000,000

Weekly Users: 1,000,000

Daily Users: 1,000,000

Monthly Users Rank: 35

Daily Users Rank: 45

Fan Page Likes: 19,852,091

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Platform: Facebook

Game Types: Simulation

Website: http://www.socialpoint.es

Game Status: Active