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Cheat Dragon City Money, Habitat and Farm

Dragon City Cheat to get infinite money, habitat and farm. This cheats use cheat engine follow the guide enable the cheat.

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Welcome Dragon City Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Dragon City

Some Dragon Masters asked a lot about Free Food! Get it now and let you friends know about this amazing gift!-->http://bit.ly/1pWQsGT http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A868F060A6DA6663378B&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160503v2

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Dragon City

Relax and enjoy Sunday! Like if you get this free Gold and Share it with your friends!! http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=3B596DC3E450A868F11CD2FCA2545EEC&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160501v2

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Dragon City

Dear Dragon Masters, "Design Your Own Skin" contest has just started in our other game, Dragon Land. Click here for more information-->http://bit.ly/1N6WXSI Good luck to all participants:)

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Dragon City

Come on this adventure to the Center of the Earth! Thumb up if you like it and share this news with your friends!!

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Dragon City

We can't thank you enough for being part of #AppsforEarth and collaborating with @Social Point @App Store and @World Wildlife Fund. Learn More: http://goo.gl/1GcTIy

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Dragon City

It’s your last chance to download our limited time #AppsforEarth content and help protect the Earth! If you haven't completed the Panda Island yet, don't give up! It will be gone soon, but you still have one last chance to earn all six new and exclusive dragons! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/kOJvsu. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Happy Earth Day! Dragon City is celebrating with #AppsforEarth! @Social Point, @App Store and @World Wildlife Fund are working together to protect life on our planet, but you can contribute to our cause too! Learn More: appstore.com/appsforearth. Play: http://bit.ly/1PWVARU

Likes: 808 Shares: 22 Posted:

Dragon City

A world powered by renewable energy means communities and ecosystems can be resilient in the face of climate changes. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Sustainable Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: appstore.com/appsforearth. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Around the globe, food production, distribution, management and waste threaten wildlife, wild places and the planet itself. Let's make sure we consume food responsibly. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Padron Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/PxgJsP. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

Likes: 827 Shares: 27 Posted:

Dragon City

@World Wildlife Fund is working to conserve life on Earth by conserving the most exceptional ecosystems and habitats - places that are particularly rich in biodiversity, with unique animals and plants, like no other. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store and earn the new Leaf Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/bVXIUq. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

Likes: 833 Shares: 38 Posted:

Dragon City

Freshwater are home to more than 10% of all known animals and about 50% of all known fish species. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Symbiotic Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/C5i4Mf. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface and produce up to 70% of our oxygen. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Deep Sea Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/vPH8Tt. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

One square kilometer of forest may be home to more than 1,000 species. Play our Panda Island from the @App Store to support @World Wildlife Fund and earn the new Forest Lord Dragon! #AppsforEarth. Learn More: http://goo.gl/l0pgSK. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

Your support can make a difference! It's your choice: Participate in our #AppsforEarth project with @App Store and support @World Wildlife Fund! Learn More: http://goo.gl/NPYVSz. Play: http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A

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Dragon City

@Social Point, @App Store and @World Wildlife Fund are working together to protect life on our planet! Help us and contribute by playing the Panda Island, and obtain 6 exclusive new dragons that will only be available during the event, from April 14 through April 24, exclusively for iOS users! http://bit.ly/1qtWr6A Check out the video:

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, once in a while, something so big happens that it can change Dragon City forever. Today is one of those days. Today we are annoucing a new rarity! This is no ordinary rarity. It can not be bred, it can not be bought, it can only be won. The Dragons of this rarity are special. So special they need their own special event. Announcing the Heroic Races! The first Dragon of the new Heroic Rarity is High Fenrir. The High Fenrir is a celestial palatine that has devoted his life to the protection of the norse gods. He’s actually considered a demigod. He is waiting for you. He is waiting for the victors of the first race to claim him. Get ready for the new adventure. Get ready for the Heroic Races!! -->https://youtu.be/GK3SdDSAVXc

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Dragon City

Oh yes! It's Free Food time! If you like it and want more, click LIKE and SHARE with your friends:) -->http://bit.ly/1VkXhQx http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=49154A805EB3FB359F02B4E5DC546248&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160412v2

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Dragon City

Third Epic Journey has just started! Which Epic Journey do you like most?:) Play now⇨http://bit.ly/1N471eP

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Dragon City

Dragon Masters, are your Dragons safe? Never share any personal details such as passwords or User ID, to anyone! Those websites with "hack" offers or third parties are interesting in your account! Protect your Dragons from them!

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Dragon City

This spirit of the forest was transformed into a dragon by Mother Nature so that he could fulfill a duty: to protect the High Kings of Ireland for eternity.

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Dragon City

Second short island has started! Tell us your thoughts about this event! LIKE if you are enjoying:) Play now-->http://bit.ly/23f45n1

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Dragon City

Epic Journey has started in Dragon City! Prepare your dragons and pack some Food for the dangerous road that lies ahead!

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Dragon City

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! The event will end soon! Play now-->http://bit.ly/1SFitfQ

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Dragon City

⭐️DC Mini Competition UPDATE⭐️ Check out the answer of this competition:) Also the winners are... Harrison Caetano Susan Cota Crystal King Doreen Grogan Ibrahim Aamer Marie Fortier Sergio Gálvez Guerrero Scott Blanchard Mijael Luna Denise Lonsdorf Happy gaming!

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Dragon City

Lot of Dragon Masters asked... So here is FREE FOOD! Take it, raise your Dragons and make them stronger!! -->http://bit.ly/1WFw3ks http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=A1F7F6FD4CBE89B5A68F3CFD95423219&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160329v2

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Dragon City

This noble dragon commands an army of eagles that watches over the entire dragon world. -->http://bit.ly/1Rd8BcM

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Dragon City

Did you know that Dragon Land has Multiplayer mode? Run against other players, collect and use boosters and climb the rankings! iOS: http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android: http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

★DC MINI COMPETITION★ Question 1: Tell us the name of these 2 shadowed Dragons! Who are they? Question 2: How many Dragons do you see in this picture? Excluding Dragon shadows. Click LIKE and Comment your answer! From all the correct answers we will RANDOMLY select 10 winners and give them 300 gems!! Who accept the challenge?→http://bit.ly/1QfH8sy

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Dragon City

Have you already visited our new game, Dragon Land? Fun is guaranteed! iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Are you ready for the new event Dragon Masters? "Aye Aye Captain" I can't hear you! "AYE AYE CAPTAIN" Let the event begin!-->http://bit.ly/1Rd8BcM

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Dragon City

Jump, dash, climb, glide your way through every episode and get new skins for your Dragons!! Play Dragon Land now: iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Guess who is playing our new game! PewDiePie! How about you? Tell us your thoughts about Dragon Land! iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=vvfZiMi70qU&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D3tWbvPqbyPI%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Enjoying our 3rd Birthday Island? Tell us in which part of event you are! The celebration will end soon! -->http://on.fb.me/1psNz0i

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Dragon City

For all Dragon Masters, we wish you a great day! May the luck of the Irish be with you:) iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Which freebies do you like most? Food? Gold? Random? Let us know your thoughts:) -->http://on.fb.me/1RmIflO

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Dragon City

Select a dragon from your collection, use its powers and explore our new game, Dragon Land. Beware of enemies and traps you may encounter on the way! Download now iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Run, jump and overcome the obstacles in Dragon Land! Get all the coins and collect all the dragons! Discover a fantastic world now: iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Happy Friday! Take this freebie and enjoy the weekend with your Dragons:) -->http://on.fb.me/24UQj7s http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=A1F7F6FD4CBE89B588FD294BB07FA24D&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160311v2

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Dragon City

The first 3D platform game on mobile, Dragon Land is now available! Discover the unique gameplay now:) iOS-->http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android-->http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpcj_AJQfxs&feature=share

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Dragon City

Dragon City welcomes our new game Dragon Land! Dragon Land is a groundbreaking 3D platform game like you’ve never seen on mobile: stunning levels, evil bosses, challenging skill features and a multiplayer mode!! Download for free! iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Let's celebrate with us the World Launch of our brand new game, Dragon Land! Check it out:) iOS→http://bit.ly/1nbMCbn Android→http://bit.ly/21wa5Hg

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Dragon City

Hang in there Dragon Masters, we are halfway to the weekend! Enjoy your day with Dragon City:)

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Dragon City

Have you played 3rd Birthday Island yet? Celebrate the anniversary with your Dragons! -->http://on.fb.me/1UNcJ61

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Dragon City

Get the Free Gold! I use it to get the temple! How about you? http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=A1F7F6FD4CBE89B5C8C83D58E1205944&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160306v2

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Dragon City

Let's celebrate DC 3rd anniversary and get this wallpaper! Comment how long you are playing DC! →http://on.fb.me/1QxRIqX

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Dragon City

Look what we've received today! Dragon Masters are the best fans in the world!! Big thanks from Dragon City team:)

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Dragon City

Happy Birthday Dragon City! Celebrate the game's birthday and get exclusive new dragons! Tell us what you like the most about DC! -->http://bit.ly/1T60LFh

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Dragon City

Take the chance to get the Gold for free! SHARE this offer with your friends:)! ->http://bit.ly/1QA6Oey http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=AC4EB1F2979DAFA2CF9765383537C988&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160228v2

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Dragon City

Happy Friday! Take this cute wallpaper:) He is drawing his favourite celebrity. How about you? Join the contest!

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Dragon City

Here is another Behind the scenes video of Umbrella Dragon! Do you LIKE it? https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=P0_-7DmTOYY&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DvwCBn9xyCDc%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

▼UPDATE▼ Thank you for all who participated in this competition! Winners are... Alan Marié Coralie Bernical Amadine Bourgois Storm Graveheart Ronaldo Satoshi Jasmine Lapierre Carmen Sivan Dominique Berteau And Kelly Hernandez for the amazig video! Congratulations! ----------------------------------------------------- New challenge, "Dragon City Idol Competition 2" has just started! ▼How to participate▼ Step 1: "Like" the official Dragon City fan page Step 2: Draw your favourite celebrity as a dragon Step 3: Post it below as a comment Step 4: LIKE the post you like the most. *Believer Dragon, Umbrella Dragon, Lady Dragon and Wrecking Dragon will not be taken into consideration and will be excluded from the contest and the possibility to win the prize. ▼Winners will get....▼ Top 3: Believer Dragon, Wrecking Dragon, Lady Dragon, Umbrella Dragon and 3000 gems. Top 4 & Top 5: Believer Dragon and 2000 gems. Top 6 & Top7: Wrecking Dragon and 1500 gems. Top 8 & Top9: Lady Dragon and 1000 gems. Top10: Umbrella Dragon and 500 gems. ▼Duration▼ From February 23rd to February 29th. The winner will be anounced on March 3rd.

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Dragon City

▼UPDATE▼ Hi Dragon Masters! Firstly, we appreciate for letting us know about unable to upgrade the Dragon Rank. We also deeply apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused you. We are pleased to inform you that we've fixed this issue! SHARE this news with your friend! Happy gaming:)

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Dragon City

We know that you love Freebies! Tell us which freebies you like the most!-->http://bit.ly/1Qn1nQo http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=AC4EB1F2979DAFA29D7E02F3772B12D3&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160221v2

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Dragon City

Your Dragon of the day is... Click the GIF and tell us:)

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Dragon City

Here is another amazing wallpaper! Tell us which Dragons you've got from this event! -->http://bit.ly/1XzQAaU

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Dragon City

It's FREE FOOD time! Share this info with your friends! if you like it more than any other freebies, just click LIKE!-->http://bit.ly/1Q5bcrY http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=AC4EB1F2979DAFA2FEEE26544BF023E1&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160216v2

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Dragon City

Will love unite us or tear us apart? Love Dragon might help you to get the answer:) -->http://bit.ly/1ohakUC

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Dragon City

Happy Valentine's Day Dragon Masters! Dragons love you so much!!!! Tell them that you love them too:) Visit dragons now-->http://bit.ly/1o7i4ZI

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Dragon City

Our brand new and exciting contest "Dragon City Idol Competition" has started! ▼How to participate▼ Step 1: "Like" the official Dragon City fan page Step 2: Go to the "Dragon City Idol" tab Step 3: Click on "Enter" Step 4: Fill the required fields Step 5: Vote the video you like the most. Step 6: Share your participation with your friends! *To update the video you have to copy and paste the address from a YouTube or Vimeo video. https://youtu.be/PPQUUconGao

Likes: 19,922 Shares: 232 Posted:

Dragon City

Mmm, FOOD! Tell us to which Dragon you'll give this Food:) -->http://bit.ly/20EXMrw http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=AC4EB1F2979DAFA27F445CD712D7B5D3&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160209v2

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Dragon City

▼Message from Dragon City HQ▼ Hi Dragon Masters! Thank you for playing Dragon City. In recent months, we’ve received lot of comments about the need for extra space for your beloved Dragons. It’s been an important topic here at Dragon City HQ and now we have some good news! We are working hard on a solution and will release something in the near future that will increase your storage capacity. Thank you again for both your patience and being amazing fans!!

Likes: 3,327 Shares: 79 Posted:

Dragon City

Have you completed the Oni Island yet? Tell us your thought about this event! Play now-->http://bit.ly/1RiIRxf

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Dragon City

It seems that chefs from World Chef had a very very nice weekend! How about you? https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=8SgHlqzJLL0&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DENDlRO3rkCs%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Cause Dragon Masters are the best fans in the world... Here is Free gold gift! SHARE this with your friends:) http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=AC4EB1F2979DAFA2CF733F68FCED11DE&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160207v2

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Dragon City

Fire Dragon has already played World Chef! How about you? Tell us your opinion about the game! iOS-->http://bit.ly/1Pakq0o Android-->http://bit.ly/1nIAYWA

Likes: 1,943 Shares: 55 Posted:

Dragon City

Enjoy this battle video from World Chef! But they are chefs! Who is going to win? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndPylCTahZ8&feature=share

Likes: 909 Shares: 24 Posted:

Dragon City

▼UPDATE▼ We are please to inform you that we've fixed this issue! SHARE this news with your friends and enjoy the event! Happy gaming:) Regarding space issue... It's coming soon!!!!!! ------ ▼Maintenance▼ Hi Dragon Masters! First of all we appreciate for letting us know about unable to claim the first chest in the Oni Island issue. We also deeply apologize for the difficulties that you have had with the game. DC team is now working hard on this and we will fix it asap.Thank you again for all comments and your patience!

Likes: 3,166 Shares: 196 Posted:

Dragon City

Dragons are flying around in World Chef! Could you guess which one are they? iOS-->http://bit.ly/1Pakq0o Android-->http://bit.ly/1QziQHL

Likes: 1,602 Shares: 38 Posted:

Dragon City

Dragon Masters! Are you enjoying the new event? Here is the video of "The Chest" from Oni Island:) More videos are coming soon! https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=9RjoBTPNH4o&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DgMupJfYfDYw%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Rosanna Pansino has already visited our new game, World Chef! How about you? iOS→http://bit.ly/1PpdwYs Android→http://bit.ly/1QziQHL https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=8bv50BdnWKk&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dhuhf8pYUKik%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Spin the slot and get freebies! Do you want more? Then LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends!-->http://bit.ly/1ZSRuz2 http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=9DFE0B842C9C6FA456B7D722C3CB086A&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160129v2

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Dragon City

Blizzard Dragonloves tacos!? Visit World Chef and find your favorite food! iOS→http://bit.ly/1Pfl3EM Android→http://bit.ly/1S952Wl

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Dragon City

Here is the wallpaper of Meditation Dragon! If you LIKE this amazing Dragon, SHARE it with your friends!→http://bit.ly/1l2qX4i

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Dragon City

Here is the video of Dan and Phil playing World Chef!! Check it out!-->http://bit.ly/1SaoAeQ https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=aDcElccyWYQ&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D9xvZlsh0zT0%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

The Moon Island will end soon! Where you at? Are you enjoying this event? LIKE if it's yes!→http://bit.ly/1ZpxWXS

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Dragon City

I'm not hungry, but it looks soo delicious!! If you love cooking and delicious food, click LIKE and download World Chef now! iOS→http://bit.ly/1Pfl3EM Android→http://bit.ly/1S952Wl

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Dragon City

How long have you been playing Dragon City? If you love your Dragons, click "LIKE"! -->http://bit.ly/1TRLhRY

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Dragon City

Here is TV Ad of our brand new game, World Chef ! Download it for free and become the best chef in the world!! iOS-->http://bit.ly/1Pfl3EM Android-->http://bit.ly/1S952Wl https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=AWQrW24uP74&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DOk5vY0_FzFI%26feature%3Dshare

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Dragon City

Celebrate with us today the world launch or our new game "World Chef". Check out the game today. Download for Free! Available now for iOS -> http://bit.ly/1SOg8Ra Available now for Android -> http://bit.ly/1UOpYRq

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Dragon City

Today is the world launch of our new game World Chef! Available now for iOS -> http://bit.ly/1SOg8Ra Available now for Android -> http://bit.ly/1UOpYRq

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Dragon City

I want cake...I need cake! SHARE this post, TAG your friends and Start Playing our new game World Chef!→http://bit.ly/1Pfl3EM

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Dragon City

3 words, 8 letters. Say it and I'm yours... I GOT FOOD:)! http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=9DFE0B842C9C6FA45AF5BFF34397FFB1&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160119v2

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Dragon City

Let's celebrate the launch of our new game, World Chef! Download, play it and get 20 gems!-->http://bit.ly/1Pfl3EM

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Dragon City

Because you guys are the Dragon Masters! Here is free Gold! Take it and create amazing world! http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=9DFE0B842C9C6FA448A7808F0D12D7A4&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160117v2

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Dragon City

There is no "WE" in "FOOD"! Check out our new game World Chef! Download for free and make deliiiiiicious food! Android coming soon!-> http://bit.ly/1SOg8Ra

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Dragon City

Spin the slot and get the freebies now! Gold? Food? Gems? Tell us what you've got! -->http://bit.ly/1N9CUMi http://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity/?fanpage=9DFE0B842C9C6FA4AE34D8587D4CDEBC&sp_ref_cat=fan_page_20160115v2

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Dragon City

Every year around January, this dragon freezes and turns into an ice statue. After some days, he is reborn with increased strength. Check it now!-->http://bit.ly/1neP7du

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Dragon City

Check out our new game World Chef! Download World Chef and get 20 gems Android coming soon!-> http://bit.ly/1SOg8Ra

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Dragon City Game Information:

Breed cool dragons, make them grow and combat with friends in a world of magical islands!

Get it here:

Facebook Stats & Data:

Last Update:

Monthly Users: 10,000,000

Weekly Users: 1,000,000

Daily Users: 1,000,000

Monthly Users Rank: 34

Daily Users Rank: 43

Fan Page Likes: 19,881,635

Fan Page Talking About Count: 20,837

Platform: Facebook

Game Types: Simulation

Website: http://www.socialpoint.es

Game Status: Active