FarmVille 2 New Version FV2 XsonicX 4.5.

Hello, I am happy to present the new version FV2 XsonicX 4.5.
It includes correction in languages, and the new Romanian and Turkish.
Now you can change the code in the store new window.
Correction of windows pop up for more time between them and fewer windows.
Correction of some script errors to improve performance.
New theme Dogs on the Farm.…/a1ca8df8-4957-4c…/Fv2-XsonicX-4.5.EXE/…/06e20e30-1ad1-4582-9ed…/


A message from XsonicX facebook site posted 3/13/16:

Hello good morning my trainer only open and work if the name of file is the original name Fv2-XsonicX-4.5.EXE please don t change the name, please use only my official version of Exe, there are some users rename, zip and put other bad files to zip. if you want to protect your computer please only download with my links is more secure... good weekend

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  • feawen
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As usual, I cannot use this program and haven't been able to use it for a few years now.. thought maybe this one was different but nope..  I can't even get to the screen where I select my process.  Guess I'll just continue to ue CE and forget about opening the newest expansion (Fortune Fields).. Oh well..  Thanks for all the links, instructions, etc.. Hope they all work for others, just didn't work for me and I'm not about to close my virus canner and other security measure I have just to use this Ad supported/pop up program.. I don't want the "stuff" that badly.. LOL

  • KittyCat
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I've been oberving the site far away checking often how will it find it's way.

If any of you gets suspicious programs from this kind of stuff please message me using the fan page:

Somebody will reply and inform me.

I've been thinking lately if I will stop allowing this kind of stuff... To the developers of the trainer if you build for passion and want more users. I advise you to remove the pop ups. If it's just for fun why not remove the ads?

If it's a really working hack congrats to you. But we both know it won't last forever either this game.

I opt-out the pop ups for this site if you guys notice because I want more people to use my stuff more than earning from it and it's working for me right now. I only left some ads that will support the hosting stuff. 

If this thing gets popular again and zynga knocks my door to remove it. I won't hesitate. Sorry guys, real world sucks that's why we're playing games right?

i was having the same problem with the trainer as feawen with the xsonicx trainer so i tried that other trainer xCatGuru mentioned : (

the first message (where you just click ok) is indeed french, the second message (where you select your flash) is in english and once you are conected with the flash the lang can be changed to anglais (english). it is compleetly add-free (no pop-up's).

so far i have gotten it to work on firefox only (i could maybe work on chrome to but the searching for the process takes a very long time for me witch might be because of a x64 system but not sure).

as a side not with that trainer i was able to even buy the land expansions for farm bucks early.

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