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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Hello, Sue here...what happend to the older gamers page

Hi everyone , I am here to help my wife use codes. Any and all help would be thankful

hi , nice page!
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Guess you can teach an old lady new tricks :)  Started out with the Disqus Forum, then the last Chitah Forum, and now this one..  Still trying to navigate and find my way around but I like the code database with search functions (very helpful) but I miss the Quest Posts that had all of the codes for that particular quest.  In any case, for those who remember me.. This is Feawen..  I see my favorite squirrel is here already but has the bunny showed up yet?  (Killersquirrel and Cottontail).

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@feawen If I remember right you can find the quest codes by searching for e_viral_q_hud_ and seeing which ones match the current event.

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Hi to all.  laugh

@suevillanueva this is the new site. I change the site because I don't have a full control of the old one. Right now I can try to build anything, if you have any idea like the codes db that will make our playing better you can post it here.

If you need something from the old site I can retreive it for you, sorry if I'm not able to migrate all the forum posts.


@dietistabeltran, I posted a video about it. I will try to make a new one that is more clear and easy to follow.

The post with the video guide -->


@feawen, Yeah, I realize it too.. I will change it to new random avatar or will set a default one. Or you can use to change your avatar, just sign up or login using from email account you use here and set your primary avatar from


It's been a busy week there is a lot of things to do and fix. One thing I want to add in Codes DB is "Favorites" its more like a way to manage the codes you use or like.


hello all


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Wow this has changed glad we still got the old people in hey Feawen, Killersquirrel and Cottontail  lollaugh


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Still trying to figure this place out and although I appreciate the hard work and the plethora of new features, I'd be dishonest if I didn't admit I miss the simplier days of the old forums.  I get hopelessly lost on here and after several minutes of poking around, clicking this and that, I finally find the place I was looking for.  Younger minds take to change easier I guess.  :)

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Hi everyone!  I'm new here ....glad to be here too.  I agree with Feawen ....I'm still trying to figure this place out  and my favorite game for now is FV2  hehe.   Well, if i get lost hope i can find my way back here for help hehe..

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