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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Ghost Tales.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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Just trying to understand this game and what the rules are to be able to ask for more things. No matter how many friends you have you never get more than 5 responses even tho you sent out requests to 100 friends. Is there any way around this? I can't finish timed missions and I can't, won't buy diamonds. If you have any tips, let me know! Thanks!

I love Ghost Tales, is my way of relaxing, however I would like a trainer to get more diamonds. Willing to pay a reasonable amount ! I got one for Farmville 2 for like $20. Let me know !

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Hi judy, I have been playing Ghost for a long while, and I am about to quit,,,,,,,,,,,Why? because there is NOT MUCH GAME between quest's...all it consist's of is asking for item' rewards......asking ever FOUR HOURS?????? WTF is that all about?  I want tto be able to play a game, solve puzzles, get there is NOTHING.  How do you feel about it all?  from Sue


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Please read what I have said to Judy . thank you :)


I am on Christmas lights and there are "bored" statues.  I cannot figure out what to do with them to be able to reach the other side.  Any suggestions?


First, I would like to know what the light blue cat faces, or clock faces are for on the daily bonus. I am playing on a tablet, so it's running on Android. I liked playing on my laptop, there Anna had her own house, and you could at least clean your house, and the community building. In the version for Android, you have a community room you can clean, to get the things you need, but no house, no neighbors!!

  There is nothing to do but the quests! So boring..... I was buying gems to make the magnets, and hammers faster, but now I don't want to spend another time on the game, because there is nothing to do! UHG

Hi, in "The Alchemy of Nature" Quest, I can't find several recipes, specialy the "Stone" one.
Can anyone help?

The first I found are:
Dust- wind earth / Energy- fire log / 
Light- fire wind / Connection- wind logs / Steam- fire water / Movement –energy,connection,steam


I'm stuck helping Doc and Sleepy. Probably having a mad 5 minutes and it's probably staring right at me but any help will be very welcome.


sending out a hello to ghost tales

i just started on ghost tales and i can't do most the quest because i have no friends that play and i don't want to buy diamonds 


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