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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Ghost Tales.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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hello , i do not understand the timed request never can get anywhere asking for diamonds and only been playing 14 days now, wish there was a simple cheat i can understand to get more diamonds


Hi ! Any chance you could help me , I need to buy dog food and water ammo but I don't have any diamonds ? I do have lots of money but not much to buy with that ! Any help would be appreciated as I can't move on with the game now . Thanks 

how do i defeat the ogre in dark world objectifve 13 after i broke the curse?


i never get responses I just started playing and I am totally confused

i've been playing for about a year now, maybe i can help you with any questions.  I'm no expert lol, but i will try to help you.

hello i am  stuck on differenr seasons  objective dungeons and fruit  open the doors cant open the door please help.



I'm on Grampa's Good old days, looking for the secret door, and somehow I trapped myself between the crystal and the wall and can't move!  Any idea how to get out of this?


what are you confused on? Maybe I can help.


Ghost Tales - Dark World.   HELP PLEASE
Have completed the objectives BUT now I have a problem with doors
In the Secret Garden there is a door one opens (Just near the fountain) that transports you to the Crystal Cave. 
After defeating the creature you immediately get to a chest which allows you to open phantasmal doors.
PROBLEM - I didn't follow this pathway in the run through AND now the doorway to enter this section is closed (opens from the other side) - ANY IDEAS PLEASE ??
The door I am referring to is at 1:02secs in the Youtube clip it is the red door just behind the WAIT screen and is now CLOSED.  Follow the video to 1:26 and you will see the chest that allows the opening of phantasmal doors.






can't find ingredients in making the headache remedy (black tea, honey, or the milk please help

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