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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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My GC ID is Minimuscleman , I'm a daily HAY DAY player . Me and 6 others left our old neighborhood due to derby slackers . We are looking for strong derby players who avg 2000+ pts MINIMUM . I'm at level 116 , we are helpful and friendly : you help us , we help you . If this applies to you , I'M JUST A BILL would like you to join us . 

Hey I am Natasha, Level 25 Hayday looking for daily friends who will help #922c90rcg


Sounds like the group i am looking to be part of. Please add me #922c90rcg


I play Hayday every day and love it! I'm a level 77 Farmer.  I was wanting some help/advice/tips to get the HayDay letters, I dont understand what you have to do or acheive to gain the letters.  Can anyone help with this. it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you Jennifer

Hello I'm Becky


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