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Forgotten Treasury event and sales are coming to an end! Get advantage of the Emerald Sale and other discounts to make your favorite Heroes, Pets, and Titans even stronger! Forgotten Treasury event, Beach Skins Sale, and Cyber Con Sale will disappear on February 27, 5 AM UTC, while the Emerald Sale will last till February 26, 5 AM UTC.Notice: tomorrow is the last day you can use your Archaeologists' Tools, so don’t forget to spend them up! Shortly after the event disappears, your remaining Archaeologist Tools will be exchanged: 1 Archaeologist's Tool = 1 Forgotten Vase.See you in the game https://herowars.me/46INz1Y


Smashing vases isn't the only way to get goodies during the Forgotten Treasury activities – assemble the missing vase pieces and type their coordinates in the comments! If we receive a lot of correct answers, everyone will be able to get 3 Portal Charges and 5 Large Skin Stone Chests tomorrow! See you in the game! https://herowars.me/46INz1Y


That was a tough one to guess, but it's time to reveal the truth — the next comic will tell us a story featuring Lian as the main character! What do you think the upcoming comic will be about and what will it tell us about life in the Dominion? Share your thoughts in the comments!See you in the game https://herowars.me/46INz1Y


Hero Wars video creators are always providing us with new content about updates and events, but what if you just starting your adventures in Dominion and looking for some valuable beginner's insights? Our fantastic community of video creators also has some essential guides to help you kickstart your journey more effectively: Hero Wars Central — Hero Wars Best Tank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5eAbNolmY8 Hero Wars Secrets — Tier List to build the most powerful Counters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OcWR0iQwVE Olympus — Must-Have Support Heroes for Victory in Dominion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diH93Cb5R5Y Did you find this information useful, or do you have some other useful tips and tricks to share with newcomers? Share in the comments!


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Many centuries ago magnificent lands of Dominion were thriving and blossoming. Until the perfect world was invaded by the evil forces of Archdemon who wanted to conquer it. His army is unbelievably strong and extremely cruel, but there has to be someone to fight it.

Gather your army of mighty heroes, train and upgrade them, making them invincible! It's now your mission to clear the attacked lands from evil Archdemon's forces. With your faithful army, you can win and bring peace back to Dominion!

Website: https://hero-wars.com/

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