Infinity Slots Infinity Slots 350K Free Coins

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Infinity Slots Free Coins

In case you have not collected it yet there is a Infinity Slots welcome free coins bonus for new players.

Collect Free Coins link:

This is posted from infinity slots facebook fan page. Somehow it won't expire and is intended for your friends who just played the game.

Share and invite your friends to play this awesome game. The Best Time killer with a little kick of a care-free vegas experience.

If you have not played this game for awhile you can try this Infinity Slots Free Coins Bonus Collector page.

Free Coins Tip: base on my observation all free coins will expire after 2 days. 


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Nice to see this blog
Thanks for the coins

nice game!

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안드로이드/아이폰/PC 모두 이용할 수 있습니다


If you want to get some friends then may be you should join Infinity Slots Players Group, or Infinity Slots Group or Infinity Slots Find Friends.  These are three groups where players intermingled.  Some are members of all 3.

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