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Page Event 2Which Event do you love the most? Smash Eggs/ Slingshots/ Coin Miner/ Pets Reward: 20 Winners to Win 200 Spins Post your answer Leave your UID to get rewarded! Reward Date: 23rd JuneCongratulations to the Winners!!!Debbie Guiver 2139011 Jemma Scholes 7622200 Julie Jackson Knott 10168920 Christie Brainard 10031523 DeAnn Genest 3063366 Daniel Hobbs 3212432 2X BonusLee Ann Littleton Kelly 1006051 Angelica Urquhart 231128 Kimberly Martin 11814625 Tamara 'Tammie' Passenheim 9644694 Sue Chapman 161691 2X BonusLindin Dotson 1507430 Cathy Davis 2581066 2X BonusLarry Weaver 1606344 2X BonusCynthia Kinney 3129934 Mayra M. Soto 6403946 Gail Finn 211283 John Wilkinson 8331553 Kathryn Harrison 3435291 Jeanette Santiago 11759554


Announcement on the problem of not being able to receive the gift link:Starting from June 18th, some Android players did not receive the reward after clicking the reward link(1) Cause of the problem: This is a Facebook problem, and the redirection may fail(2) Solution 1: Copy the link to the mobile browser to jump to the game to receive gifts; Solution 2: After clicking the reward link, select "Open with the system browser" in the upper right corner of the buttonWe are contacting Facebook to deal with this issue urgently. Please be patient and thank you for your support!


Page Event 4Share your Gaming Skills...Do you have any special gaming skills? Tell us in the comment 10 Winners to award 150 Spins#Dailygift for Tuesday #3Click Here for your Daily Gift Reward! Available to the first 50,000!Like, Share & Play #islandKing


#Dailygift for Tuesday #2Click Here for your Daily Gift Reward! Available to the first 50,000!Like, Share & Play #islandKing


Page Event 3Share your Selfie while playing Island King...Show us where you're at, or who you're playing with20 Winners to award 200 Spins!!!Reward Date: 24th June#Dailygift for Tuesday #1Click Here for your Daily Gift Reward! Available to the first 50,000!Like, Share & Play #islandKing


Quiz 2ā£Congratulations! Thank you for guessing the correct answer! The answer is C !!! The big Winners are coming! Margaret Findlay 2877015 Jennifer LaRue 2932437 2X BonusDeAnn Genest 3063366 A Laura Martinez 2130279 Adele Mcdonald 610428 Wanda Dighton 3778384 Tonya Barnes 4120458 Larry Weaver 1606344 Jemma Scholes 7622200 Patti Veley-Halladay 8304780 Melissa Barker 3392821 Jason White 3504774 Mohd Nizam Mohd Said 10682429 Melissa Burgess 3131726 Vhie Wilkins 4577284 Cheryl Ann Urwin-Stewart 793162 Steven Sheldon 2491353 Cande Zamora 10002093 Mira Haenel 2758391 Callie Browne 2268537 Aida Mendoza Johnson 3929335 Sheena Shenenberger 4865966 Ruth Cline 2567133 Mark Albert Annette 9473978 Norfaezah Bawahi 9638081 Helen Wilde 4970997 Gram Jack Eveland 525042 Brenda Ricci Riley 7737351 Pattie Copeland 1825557 Connie Collingwood 840016


Quiz 1ā£Congratulations! Thank you for guessing the correct answer!The answer is 20! The big Winners are coming! Billie Young 3867763 Martina Er 624646 Carolyn Barry 347999 Betty Ann 127441 2X BonusChristinamarie Desmarais 2663756 Mary Gilbert 915985 Mohammad Mohammad 1856500 Beredugo Precious Comfort 3073388 Tina Gordon 2616157 Nikole Tooker 11455405 Angela Hounsell Brading 2849011 Doris Bell 2655597 Betty Jo Marshall 8304214 Rebekah Savage 11495015 Merethah Polk 132677 Dave Hawkins 11830356 Patty Smith 2922701 Lee Ann Littleton Kelly 1006051 Sara Bevan 9786839 Dana Jackson 969877 Sherry Chavez 125013 Jennifer LaRue 2932437 2X BonusTeresa Hines 100332 James Eaves 1982078 Cynthia White 2619319 Mayra M. Soto 6403946 Marisa Ingram 2203317 Willy Stone 971263 Mary Golding 8975535 Linda Forsberg- Polson 2385232


Do you have any comments on the island design? Fill in the questionnaire and tell me your answers!Questionnaire:


Island King Game Information:

Game Type:

Adventure Slots


Android iOS

Game Description:

Play with your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world, in attacks, spins, and steals, to travel through tons of islands and help Luna to find her dad.


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