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#DailyGift #3 → There are 9 bananas in total!They must taste good.Lucky winners:Myra Faye Smith, UID 10990151Adela Ramirez, UID 7539787Barbara Simmons, UID 3346069Amy Wonderly, UID 2552847Stephanie Luz, UID 13073316Belinda Bradley, UID 4643584Bibi Japar, UID 13079754Holly Alger, UID 3414323Ba Ung Temua, UID 13002759Shayang Yang, UID 2016416Ahliya Anas, UID 11340951ขวัญ ลุงหล้า, UID 4200694劉亮亮, UID 8396271林鋐澤, UID 8957773PS: rewards will be sent within 48 hours, thanks for your patience[0]=AZXOZA604lsTVwkJ7obVwRfNAi88XidoWslWXdgiXhAjdFaTHem1n9UJY4gZ2GrjaHW4YMet_QChTa6keAPM1zNIHxWc85Sg6luHCen0o48pF9ZDsrN9AuY9JYOXpj4EYvnTmrQbDU_Sez8BpzqC9YzqNA2XtjZ4wlrTMzBRZWJDFYdXA7foEgKKAF63wvegS44&__tn__=H-R


#DailyGift #2 → Look at the big footprint above the doorthen you will know this is Snowbo's house.Grab your spins:Ana Paula Selva, UID 12555198Kaneki, UID 13023535Lee Ann Littleton Kelly, UID 1006051Evie Benson, UID 3409860Tanya Chambers, UID 426403DeAnn Genest, UID 3063366Jill Marie, UID 12824218Реши Д., UID 11660401Jumirah Zakaria, UID 13017009Rashid Naqib, UID 11841238Chart Than Jaidee, UID 10952331รัตตเวช โตอุรุวงศ์, UID 9351977張美珠, UID 3395453蘇欣瑜, UID 8961718PS: rewards will be sent within 48 hours, thanks for your patience[0]=AZU1ovdS5z_Cqh6yRQFS7LphjOajhz-vsfeiXVE1wIvFMjztME2qD7nYnVgwxz05_Ys0JV89lEMKCGOzqcAqOZOf_IwVavd0kR6r9G9lmnUTQqreVIbJeGLnq-TIth828CMuXeQD0rwKBEZgkJKv73IDLrTOB9H5dGXmvjcYow_s3AUoINpw_1NPtoLrN2oxCPQ&__tn__=H-R


Island King Game Information:

Game Type:

Adventure Slots


Android iOS

Game Description:

Play with your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world, in attacks, spins, and steals, to travel through tons of islands and help Luna to find her dad.


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