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I found a strategy that has been working for me. I was struggling to keep a few million coins, til a couple weeks ago. I'd get a hot slot with big wins, but when I raise my bet I lose big. I wasted hours watching videos for free coins. I have friends but I never asked for help, plus they're not interested in facebook games. How I became a billionaire above level 1,000 was, playing with the spin tapping and stopping. Get a rhythm going along with raising and lowering the bet. If this dont work for you, maybe I'm just lucky. Good luck

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How do u clean ur cache in the game app

I have been playing this for awhile. You can go to the game app and clear the cache and claim your coins again. And keep playing. I love this game. Haven't learned how to get the unlimited coins yet. But hoping to work for them first...

All I see here is ... free plz ... What the living hell ??? Even in gaming everyone wants frikken free. Obama screwed y'alls heads up. Put y'alls grown up panties on, and WORK FOR THE EXTRA COINS !!!!!!

I need some free coins

Need coin please

Need coins



You are right. Sabertooth is where I go to make$

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