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I found a strategy that has been working for me. I was struggling to keep a few million coins, til a couple weeks ago. I'd get a hot slot with big wins, but when I raise my bet I lose big. I wasted hours watching videos for free coins. I have friends but I never asked for help, plus they're not interested in facebook games. How I became a billionaire above level 1,000 was, playing with the spin tapping and stopping. Get a rhythm going along with raising and lowering the bet. If this dont work for you, maybe I'm just lucky. Good luck

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follow me   cheeky

ni6to ne davate stiskate se

my suggestion for free coins.

make a new facebook profile for nothing but games. share everything win you get so others can click on it and reap the benefits. If we all did this and became friends we would never be without coins.

CONS: you have to start your leveling all over again. 
PROS: you get to share without clogging up your feeds 
           you could potentially collect a lot more coins if your friend someone that is doing the same thing

HOW TO: make another account
                sign into your regular account on fire fox and your new account on chrome
                that way you don't miss a thing from friends and family and still get to be the closet gambler that you are

This sucks


Your the first person that I have read something about this. I wrote a book on other similarities

about 4 years ago and I am almost finished with the editing. Just so you know what you have described above, is exactly well not word for word.

It wasn't the first thing I noticed either, Why has it taken me so long? I had to learn how to use a PC, then learn how to make a website. I finally have seen it in writing. My Name is Steven (Estaban) Winder I have watched jackpots on youtube and there is one couple that is so close to another thing that can be changed that will make the outcome in your favor. I discovered everything live in a Casino and now I have noticed even more. 

i need coins

free coin ...peeze

best game on facebook i think. ..love it when they give you the 1.00 offer for 10 million but i play all the time and having friends send you chips daily also helps I love the free coins also ...I just play it and sometimes i get tons of wins and sometimes very little but still a nice way to waste time  and of course i can always use free coins  i come here daily to get some!

I could really use some free coins please

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