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Having seen a trillion quite a few times and  I am a high roller it hard to bet mills and thousands and not billions.  However over the last week I noticed while I may not level up as fast the payout is higher opposed to lower than the bet if I bet 1, 2 and 4 million instead of  1 or more billion and all jackpot are open. I won a 100 B coin yesterday betting 100m. I learned hard way although it's not advertised as such you need a minimum bet to even get a Grand jackpot filling a board. I bet 750 and filled it and was pissed. 

I noticed hovering my finger over the  stop button  on tab  and mobile draws down the reels magnetically with or without a stylus 


I want to know how to get hundreds of trillions and Qs

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I want the redeem code
Hi .i need
Hi need trillion coins
The free coins bonus for lotsa slots isnt working helppppp lol

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