Lucky Slots Lucky Slots Collect Free Coins Tips & Tricks

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Lucky Slots Get More Free Coins

Learn how to collect more coins for Lucky Slots game. Follow this tips & tricks to get more free coins:

How to Collect Bonuses on Mobile

lucky slots free coins mobile

The have updated the daily and weekly bonuses for mobile players. It is triggered the moment you open the app, this bonus is automatically added to your account. There are now numerous ways for you to earn coins! On top of your Daily Bonus, you even coins while you're away from your app, while you're actively spinning and for watching ads! Or you can use GameHunters.Club Lucky Slots Bonus page to collect more free coins! The page is a network of Lucky Slots players, they post their bonus links using the ShareLinks Plugin.

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Experience (XP) Points

Lucky Slots Experience Points

You can hover over your XP bar and a dialog box will appear telling you how many XP points are needed until the next round, how many coins you'll receive at the next round and the types of gifts you can send to your neighbors!

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How do you invite friends to play? What are neighbors?

Lucky Slots Free Gifts

To add friends:

  • Launch the Lucky Slots Game
  • Select: Invite...
  • Add Friends: Start Typing Friend's Name or Select All & Send

Your friends will receive a notification that you'd like to play Lucky Slots with them! Once your friends accept, you will receive $500 Gold Coins when 5 of them accept your friend request and you can both send and receive coins and collection items.. You can continue to collect $500 Gold Coins for every group of 5 friends that play Lucky Slots with you! To get more friends use the GameHunters.Club Lucky Slots Add Me page, you can add friends or join the list to get more players!

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Bonus Games, Jackpots & Winning Paylines (Cheat List)

Lucky Slots Bonus Cheat List

Lucky Slots Cheats Free Coins

Payline Rules:

  • Highest Pay Wins Per Line!
  • All combinations pay left to right. A scatter wins anywhere!
  • Paylines are multiplied by your bet!
  • Please note that you must get three "Bonus" symbols on the same payline to activate the bonus game.  
  • Also, Progressive Jackpot machines work the same way - all five Jackpot symbols must be on the same payline to win!
  • If you believe that the symbols all appeared on the same active pay line, please send us a screen shot of the problem so we can investigate further.

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How to Play Lucky Slots Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is now live on Lucky Slots!  How to Enter? 

Open Lucky Slots on Web during the advertised Sweepstakes period. Please bear in mind that we may occasionally run Sweepstakes as a Flash Event, although players will always be notified via a pop-up in the game. All of the Sweepstakes information (including entry dates and times) will be posted in the game throughout the sweepstakes period.  

Lucky Slots Free Coins

Lucky Slots Tips:

During the Sweepstakes, players need to make an accumulated or single minimum bet of $5000 (or specified amount) to gain a single entry. Every entry is recorded by an Entry Tracker that is visible to each player, on the left side of their game screen. 

Only a single or accumulated $5000 bet is needed to qualify for the Grand Prize. However, every single or accumulated $5000 bet that you make following the first will gain you an additional new entry, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

How Winners Are Picked & Notified

  1. ONE winner is picked per sweepstake period.
  2. The winner is picked at random (the more entries, the more times your name goes into the running) via an automated system.
  3. The winner will be notified via an email from Lucky Slots. The player will have to click a link in the email to claim the $20,000,000 coin prize, which will be directly deposited in your Lucky Slots bank.
  4. They will occasionally (but not always) announce the name of the winner on the Fanpage.

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Lucky 777 Machine and Progressive Jackpots

Lucky 777, is a brand new type of slot machine in Lucky Slots, a Progressive Jackpot Machine!  In this new machine, every player makes the same bet, which adds more coins to the Progressive Jackpot total shown at the top of the screen.  And every player has the same chance to win that Jackpot by getting five Jackpot symbols in a row!

Here are a few lucky slots cheats & tips you should know about this exciting new feature:

  • The amount of lines and bet per line are locked at a set amount, so everybody playing on the machine is betting the same as everyone else.  For Lucky 7's, each player bets 25 lines at $20 Coins per line, for a total bet of $1,000 coins per spin!  You can win on any of these 25 lines:Lucky Slots Bonus Cheat List
  • You may have noticed the large JACKPOT counter above your reels -- each spin adds to the jackpot!
  • In order to play on the Progressive Jackpot machines, your device must have an active internet connection. Note to mobile players this does not mean you have to connect to Facebook.
  • Once someone has won the progressive jackpot, it will reset and the winner’s name will be shown along the Recent Winners ticker below the reels.
  • You can get Scatter wins and Wilds in these machines, as well as the new Jackpot symbol, but Progressive Jackpot machines do not have bonus game, bonus pool, or treasure spots.  

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Bonus Symbols Tips

Lucky Slots Free Bonus Wins

The Bonus Symbols are part of the Bonus Pool feature in Lucky Slots. Sometimes, when you spin, a bonus symbol shows up on the reels. It gets added to the bonus collection on the left side of the screen, starting a 12-hour timer for you to collect all five bonus symbols for that machine.

Lucky Slots Free Bonus Win

As you continue to bet and spin, the bonus pool counter goes up. If you collect all five symbols within the time limit, you get a payout equal to the bonus pool counter multiplied by a number between 2 and 10.  If time runs out before all five are collected, the bonus pool symbols and amount reset to zero.

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Free Coins when you Complete Collections

Lucky Slots Free Coins Slotmachines

Collections are a way to upgrade your slot machines. You can get the items required by asking your friends, purchasing them from the App Store, or winning them from spins that include a Treasure Spot. When you collect enough, you can redeem them to raise the level of a slot machine.  

Upgrading a slot machine has these effects:

  1. A Scatter Win gives you one additional bonus spin per upgrade level
  2. The payout for a Jackpot Win goes up
  3. The starting Bonus Pool amount goes up. This Bonus Pool affects the payout when you collect all 5 bonus symbols within 12 hours.
  4. You get Bonus Free Coins added to your account immediately when you redeem the collection.

If you open up a collection page, you can see the symbols you will need to complete it.  The top row of symbols shown are unique to that machine, but the symbols in the bottom row are shared among all your collections.  On the left, you can see what you will get when you upgrade: the new Jackpot multiplier, the new number of Spins in a Scatter Win, and at the bottom, the amount of bonus coins you will get immediately.

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Lucky Slots Global Progressive Jackpot

The brand new feature, designed to give every player a shot at the biggest Jackpot of their lives!

  • Every player is eligible to win the Global Progressive Jackpot by spinning in any eligible machine.
  • The higher you bet, the more you stand to win!
  • This feature is available for all players in the High Roller Room machines
  • This feature is only available to players after Level 9 in the Classic Room machines (except for the Progressive Jackpot machines)

How To Play

In the upper right hand corner of your Lobby screen, you will notice a new Mega Jackpot ticker. This ticker signifies the highest Jackpot amount you can win at any given time. Once you enter a Machine of your choice, you will be prompted to ‘Choose A Bet’. This feature will now showcase the Tiered Jackpot (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Mega) amounts you stand to win at each corresponding Bet Amount.

Lucky Slots Free Coins Jackpot

Once you have chosen your 'Current Bet, the dialog will close and the Bet Amount you selected will be reflected below the Machine. The Jackpot ticker in the upper right will now reflect the Global Progressive Jackpot amount you are eligible to win with your selected Bet Amount.

Lucky Slots Free Coins Jackpot

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Send Free Coins & Use Power Ups

If you'd like to send a free coins to your neighbors and friends, here are 4 different ways to send them:

  • Select "Free Gifts" on the top nav > A prompt will appear >> Select All & Send
  • Select "Free Gifts" on the bottom nav > A prompt will appear >> Select All & Send
  • Select "Share Free Gift" on the very bottom nav > When selected, the share gift button will disappear

Use Power Ups! They are items you can purchase to Supercharge your Spins to get more free coins! You can find the button inside any eligible slot machine, in the lower left corner, and click it to buy a 5x, 25x, or 100x multiplier from there.  When you get one, the button will change to show your Power Up multiplier. When you are ready to use it, just Click the Button again to Start! Your next Five Spins will not cost you any coins, but will Play 30 Lines at 10 Coins per line!

All the Wins from those Five Spins will be Multiplied by the Power Up strength, including any Bonus Games or Treasure Spots you get during those Spins!

You get one Free Power Up when you first get Access to the Feature at Level 3! After that, you can buy as many as you want!

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Every time I click on a free coins box it opens up the Facebook app and continuously loads with never accepting the free coins and when I click on the lucky slots logo that pops up and shows the loading wheel I try clicking on it and it gives me the option to cancel or open lucky slots so I will hit open which then opens the mobile app but doesn't show I've collected any free coins from game hunters. Please help me to be able to collect on my mobile app

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