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We love to create new Millionaire City forum categories for you to post. Any Idea?

laugh Post your suggestions here.

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Not sure if I should post this here, but here it goes.FREE COINS AND JEWELSALL YOU WANT.Go to the adventure map and play the first games. After you complete it you will have a number of free prsents.DO NOT OPEN THEM. Now go to the next game and it will show no presents but hit on the next one and you will have the same amount of presents as the game you completed. Hit the next one and zero again but hit the one after and you do. Do this on both maps and skip back thru them and you will find many more. You can go back and forth for years and they will show up. When you decie to play leave the presents in the first game and do it all over again. Enjoy this trick. I do. Olga

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