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Monopoly slots free bonus money

Can someone please help me with some free bonus money I can't get very far with only 30,000 credits every 2 hours. This sucks I love the game but it's

  • Posted by user1564862361
  • 8,132
  • 17

Monopoly Slots

I know there has to be a program or something to get unlimited coins or at least a lot.  I have no computer whiz friends so even what I might find, doesnt make

  • Posted by JaquelineJenks
  • 4,826
  • 8

Need New Friends!

Please, I'm new at this game & REALLY love it! Can I get some new friends who play daily? I ALWAYS send my gifts out EVERY morning! I faithfully play

  • Posted by TrishArruda
  • 2,447
  • 76

Need help Comment ça fonctionne?

Bonjour, j'ai besoin d'aide.1 je me suis inscrit sur la liste pour etre ajouter via Facebook (je pense).1.1 je n'arrive pas à ajouter une seule

  • Posted by Bobred1986
  • 148

Free parking

Ich habe mich noch nie so in eine App verliebt, wie in monopoly Slots! Der Spaß ist garantiert und das beste an monopoly Slots: die quests...Durch farbenfrohe

  • Posted by MarcoTiggerTekk
  • 1,740

Help me out

Cheats and hacks I need a bunch of coins and money to keep playing the game or I'm stuck with trying to figure out how to come up with it cuz I don't

  • Posted by CoreyKnapp
  • 1,780
  • 1

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Welcome Monopoly Slots Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by macsci220
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by loxymon
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by SlotsFan90501
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Game Tokens??

  • Started by: AMYMOJHER
  • Game Discussions
  • 176

How Do I

  • Started by: Cwhitson
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Please Need Coins

  • Started by: Shadysue10
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Ahaaa I'm Just So Flustered, Do We Have To Constantly Remind Monopoly Slots People That They Need 2 Give Us Our Daily Bonus?

  • Started by: KellyMel
  • Last Post by JustinGraupp
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FREE COINS! PAPER LANTERNS is back for a limited time! Those wilds can make your winnings EXPLODE! Spin now - this slot won't be around forever! And to all our DIY contest participants and voters - thanks so much for participating! We'll announce our winners tomorrow, and we'll give all valid submissions & winners their coins as soon as we can. :)


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FREE COINS **Updated link with 150,000 FREE coins! MU GUIYING is back for a limited time. Get ready for a great fortune with this incredible slot. Fu Babies, Free spins, and giant wins – oh my! ... Also – please remember to submit your artistic MONOPOLY Slots creations for our CONTEST! There is still more than a day to submit, so anyone could win! And even if you don’t want to submit – be sure to vote on your favorite!


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It's time for a CONTEST!! It’s understandable that we all might be a bit stir crazy in light of current events. If you’ve been looking for a fun activity to do - #PlayApartTogether with MONOPOLY Slots in our exciting event! If you’re a crafty person, an artist, or someone looking for a fun activity during your downtime, this fun contest is for you. We want YOU to recreate your favorite MONOPOLY Slots moment in real life! it’s your biggest win, your favorite slot, your favorite NPC character – or even a MONOPOLY coin or buck – we’d love to see your art! You can draw, craft, create a video with your phone, make something out of clay…. Whatever your artistic medium, we want to see what you can do! 🛠 Please attach a picture (or video) of your craft project in the comments below. And even if you aren’t submitting, we encourage you to **VOTE** for your favorite project(s) by liking the comment it's on. The person who gets the most likes on their submission will win 25,000,000 FREE COINS! And even if you don’t win – we’ll give you coins just for submitting an entry! We’ll be taking submissions until 4/17/20 @ 11:59pm CDT, and we’ll be counting votes until 4/22/20 @ 11:59pm CDT, so there’s plenty of time to create, to submit, and to VOTE! Keep in mind, each player can submit as many entries as they'd like - but only one entry can win. 🗒 All right, creative people… Let’s see what you’ve got!


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America’s favorite board game meets the best authentic Las Vegas slot machines! Welcome to MONOPOLY Slots, where you’re guaranteed to feel like a mogul as you win your way to fame, fortune, and endless fun!

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