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Dear monopoly slots member servers 

im very upset today!  I was extremely sick all day yesterday and was not able to play this game.   Thus, just because of that, my daily income has dropped from 110,000 to 25 thousand?  Why this is so cruel...please take my complaint seriously, and do not decrease our daily allowance..just because occasionally we  cannot play, especially when the players are playing everyday & throughout the day!  Instead of doubling an everyday players allowance when they are a no show, to attract them back to the game, you do the opposite, which will anger us die hard fans...anyways, I hope this reaches you!

i will be waiting for compensation!



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The same thing happened to me I think its total B.S.

I'm sure they do it as a reward for those who play at least once every day. They aren't punishing you, just rewarding those who can and do play every day. You build up to 100K by playing 5 days in a row, then top out at the fifth day as long as you come on. Am I making any sense? I hope so. It isn't as if Monopoly Slots said "Today, we are taking Kelly's Bonus Coins" right? Just another way to look at it. 


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