my KONAMI Slots Any cheats or hints for coins?

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Please help!!! I’m sick of buying coins to play Konami slots!!!! Are there any high amounts of coins for FREE anywhere??? I’ve clicked on today’s free coin bonuses and that goes too fast! 100,000 doesn’t last long! 

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Discuss Any cheats or hints for coins?


Every time i update it take all my point away
It's a free game

it's a free game geese


Good game

Isn’t there a place, government, state or federal, that you can turn them into??  This is supposed to be a free slot site!  I don’t lose money this fast in a legitimate casino??  Something is very wrong with Konami slots


Best game ever

I have searched Google and YouTube looking for anything! I can up with nothing... I am spending my last 20.00 on thus game then I am done! Konami rehab for me

Any way I can get some free Kaonmi slot play coins, all out and don’t have any to play right now and I love your games

Thank you so much for the extended play..awesome

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