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Very frustrating to have links for collection when on pressing on it have to send bloody friend request when either request remains left hanging, no friend request ability on person sharing link and then there are how many links unable to collect... would prefer there be a seperate drop-tab for these links. Don't wanna waste my time on pressing on link and message pops up asking to send friend request. 

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if 5 already collected we r screwed  but i send and collect everyday  so u can add if u like on rock n cash 

i know the links r a pian in the butt need a way so it can e automacticly collect  every link would save us tie from doing 1 by one for eash player 



I cnt fig this thing out can someone plz help me or send me some free coins
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Can somebody pls add me and gib em some start money I only need to get a certain level and then I give you all the money back pls!

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