Royal Story Welcome Royal Story Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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как получит много рубинов в игре Королевский Истории бесплатно

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Try the Get Free Bonus section, sometimes in Royal story users can post in NewsFeed with Free rubies...

где и как подробно

Hello My fellow gamers my name is Mendy, I need all the neighbors I can get for Royal Story. Please feel free to ADD me. Thank You and Happy Gaming 

 I play daily please feel free to send me a friend request.

will sens reguest be from lavina k smith

Hello every one. I play this game everyday. Please feel free to send me a friend request.

Hi Everone !!!

Please send a fr request for Royal Story as I need friends who play daily... will always do what I can to help you!!!

Enjoy my Awesome Friends !!!

hello my name is ellen im in need of friends for royal story

Hola, mi nombre es Laura y necesito amigos para historia real. Muchas gracias