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Only one of these rewards will spill out when you hit this Pinata... Will it be Rubies, Elf Magic, or Energy? Don't forget to leave your SNSID! Here's some Speed Feed for you ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


It's what's inside that counts! HIT THE PINATA and get surprised by the rewards that will spill out! Take this Pinata Stick and hit it with your best shot ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Do you have a garden of your own? Post some pictures of it in the comments, even if it's just a few potted flowers! We are curious to see them ► Royal Story Nederlands►


Someone has been messing around with the Kingdom Lanterns... but old Solomon had an idea to catch the culprit! ‍♀ Get some Super Fertilizer and play the New Miniquest to win a cute Beach Flamingo! ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


If you were a Royal Story NPC, who would you be? 1. Mama Bear: funny and witty, a great mother 2. Bert: sweet and kind, loves to eat 3. Max: very lovely and like to help others... 4. Altessa: powerful and mean ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


[CONTEST CLOSED] ☘ It's LOTTERY time! ☘ Can you solve this mathematical ice cream puzzle? ⚠ Don't forget to leave your SNSID! ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Cross your fingers and give it a try, Mystery Gifts are back! Can you see the butterflies flapping their wings? Go and have a look, but first get a little gift to start your weekend! ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Our world faces many challenges, but with friendship and compassion we can get through them! It's #InternationalDayofFriendship! What qualities do you value in a friendship? A little gift for you ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Once upon a time there was a land with hidden treasures and flying dragons... How are you enjoying the Dragon Island? We're all ears! ► Royal Story Nederlands►


⚠ We want to make it clear: Royal Story WON'T BE OVER when Flash is gone! ⚠ We are already working on the HTML5 version of the game! Don't worry, you won't lose your Kingdom. We got you! Get yourself some ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


There's an Ice Cream Festival going on! Take care of an ice cream stall and prepare Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Popsicles and Frozen Yogurts for your customers! ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Sundays are for Movie Marathons in the Kingdom! What movie would you definitely recommend to your fellow neighbors? Get some Energy here ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


[CONTEST CLOSED] LOTTERY TIME! ☘ The Rainbow Skunk is receiving good care in the Animal Care Center! What do you think he wants to do next: have a drink, a snack or play with a toy ? Have a guess, leave your SNSID and good luck! ► Royal Story Nederlands►


Are you ready to cast the perfect line? Fishing Frenzy is ONLINE! Before you go, take some Fruit+Watering Can here! ► Royal Story Nederlands ► Have you ever gone fishing in real life?


Royalnopoly is back! Don't miss the chance to get some rare animals for your Kingdom! Collect Sky Coins and Lucky Clover Coins and exchange them for cute rewards that will make your Kingdom even more beautiful! Which one of these is in your wishlist? ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Faye and Bert have come across an injured skunk in the woods! Feed and play with him so he can get better soon, then he will stay in your Kingdom Animal Caring Center event is online! Ginger is a health booster, so get some here ► Royal Story Nederlands ► What other animal would you like to take care of?


🏕 A Bonfire, Hot Dogs and Nature: what a nice combination for the Camping Badger! Join the Hot Dog Contest online now and celebrate Hot Dog Day with us! Which toppings do you like on your Hot Dog? ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


Dolly is prepared for a hot sunny day with Mama Bear! But Mama Bear is taking so long to arrive... Do you know what happened to her? ► Royal Story Nederlands ►


We're rolling out ️DOUBLE XP️ for every Fish Order Completed! It's for a limited time only, so get your fishing rod, some Basic Bait and play now! ► Royal Story Nederlands►


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