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Behind one of the hats there is a Magic Stone... Can you guess where? Don't forget to leave your snsid for a chance to get some Rubies! Here's a gift for you ►


Royalnopoly is here! So hurry up, grab some OP and visit your Kingdom NOW! ►


There are some pieces of Magic Stones hidden somewhere in the Kingdom... Help Solomon, Faye, and Max find pieces and merge them into Magic Stones! Follow their journey to the Magic World and bring nice rewards home! Get a gift ►


Dear Princesses and Princes, We would like to share some updates about the game with you! We are currently focusing more on developing the missing functions and fixing game glitches. The plan is to improve the loading and performance when the functions are developed and glitches fixed.... We know that the H5 version is a bit slower than Flash, and we are looking into solutions, however, at the moment we don’t have a better option than H5. We appreciate the help of our Moderators and players in identifying issues so that we can help you have the best experience possible, as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience and support. The Royal Story Team



You've asked for it, and we listened! 🦻 🦛 Now your hippos have a cozy home! Find the Hippo Oasis in the store! What animal home do you want to see next? ►


❄ Frosty Cold or Nicely Warm Saturday? How is the weather on your side of the Kingdom? ►


NEW YEAR’S CHALLENGE RESULTS! It was great to hear so many amazing plans and resolutions! Thank you for sharing them with us! Here's a gift for everybody ► And the players getting Rubies are...... ♦Marirosi Boell 100004605708734 ♦Nicole Mongrain 772685801 ♦Claudia Boudreaux Carter 535943563214156 ♦Shweta Bhagat 100000932985935! ♦Connie Shuck Kay 1414064983 ♦Mirela Chirita 100000667854121 ♦Meemo Al Daloua 10154018817415436 ♦Chrissy Powell 10202635378119185 ♦Lili Stan 100002984853959 ♦Margaret Kenyon 1019276722 ♦Chiara Francesca Loreto 100005910943706 ♦Silvana Tarquini 1778509559 ♦Rosangela Ribeiro 1397211133939130 ♦Ana Carvalho 100006278850774 ♦Dagmar Moda 862098583855137 ♦Loes Spillenaar 100007421254365 ♦Wilma de Jong 100003487987086 ♦Truus Woolthuis 366806726850697 ♦Lianne Draaijer 469824246476999 ♦Gonnie Merkx 1016259633 Congratulations! Your rubies are in your inventory! There's another RUBY GAME coming soon, so stay tuned!


❄ Have you ever played with snow? Have you had an adventure while making a Snowman, maybe? It's time to make snow sculptures in the new event 'Playing with Snow'! 🌬Get all the snow sculptures as decorations and create your own winter wonderland in your Kingdom! Get a ►


You still have a few days to get more rewards by sending Mystery Gifts to your neighbors! What reward do you want the most? ►


A new year is a new beginning! 🤍 As the new year begins, we feel that we need to make changes in our life, start on a new path, do new things, and say goodbye to old habits, problems and difficulties. Often, we start making new plans and new resolutions. Do you have some plans or resolutions for the New Year? Tell us in the comments, we will select 5 players to get Rubies! ►


Dear Princesses and Princes, We wish you a sparkling New Year! New adventures are around the corner. Make way for 2021! Thank you for being with us in 2020. Your support and love are very important! Here's a gift for you ► Best wishes, Royal Story Team


It's the last day of 2020! How about trying your luck in the New Year Scratch Game? Don't miss the chance to get New Year's decorations and a cute New Year Hummingbird to your Kingdom. Take this Speed Feed and let's go! ►


Dear Princesses and Princes, All Royal Story kingdoms have finally moved to HTML5! We want to thank you for your patience and let you know we are working hard to let you have a great game experience again! Here's a gift to thank you for your support! ►


‍♀ CONTEST RESULTS! ‍♀ We received so many cute decoration pictures! Thank you for your participation! And the winners are... Here is a gift for everybody ► ... Royal Story Nederlands ► ♦Kim Schoenfeldt 10153278480447183 ♦Zeynep Özveren 761887146 ♦David Warner 143460512736839 ♦Sherry Skye 100001551361842 ♦Maria Gabriela Espinoza Angulo 140348913009078 ♦Maureen Adkins Govorcin 718567061515545 ♦Ana Carvalho 100006278850774 ♦Rosangela Ribeiro 1397211133939130 ♦Sue Lynn 712226848 ♦Chiara Francesca Loreto 100005910943706 ♦Maddalena Milani Terragni 694651216 ♦Maria Aguilo Forteza 1384380357 ♦Mike Pickering 100001269059125 ♦Αθανασία Βρέντζου-Μάστορα 100002608813082 ♦ Lúcia Costa 3990440417186 ♦ Delma Martins 676738799029240 ♦ Eva Bach 551091697 ♦ Natalie Frankel 1523791608 ♦Truus Woolthuis 366806726850697 ♦Dina Hogendoorn Janssens 658087164263219 Congratulations! Your rubies are in your inventory! There's another RUBY GAME coming soon, so stay tuned!


Bert and Faye are making some Snowman Cookies for their friends - or at least trying! The cookies are horrible! Do you know what went wrong? ☃Play the mini quest now to find out and take home a Snow Crystal Peacock! ►


Do you like to decorate your house on special occasions? In the Kingdom, everyone is showing off their lovely Christmas decorations! Share a picture of how you're decorating for the holidays in the comments! We will choose 5 pictures to get a special reward! ►


Happy Holidays!! Special gatherings call for Special dishes! What dish do you always look forward to in Christmas dinner? Is it prepared by someone you love? Let us hear some of your comfort food memories! Get a gift ►


Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart, and hand in hand! Merry Christmas, Princesses and Princes! We want to thank you for all the love and support this year. This has been a challenging year for all of us! It means a lot to know we have so many people that love the game and stands side-by-side with us for so many years! We want to assure that all kingdoms will be transfered to HTML5 version by the end of this week! Click here and get your Christmas gift! ►


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