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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Inese Andersone
I love this game Go Slots Era!
Collecting them Billions on SE wooh ooh!
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I am lil Gary and I been playing scatter slots for close to 8 or,9 months. And help will do I am pretty far but Gary Higgins my name and [email protected]. look me up and add me
HI fellow scatter slots players I'm Lb ..real names Johnny..I've been playing S.S for about 5 years off and on and I'm still note past lol 60 yet it's getting pretty frustrating!! Anybody got any helpful tips ?

Hi everyone! I've been playing  since 2012 . Near level 987 . I'm crazy about gaming . It's exciting to be joining you all !  Stick with it . Each level is different and some are harder 5han others , trick is to find which game gets you past that level faster . I play constantly  in between daily  chores , grandchildren, somehow I find a way to keep going . And I'm Cyndy. Now back to my games lol . 

Hi it's cyndy again . I'm sorry about my first post . I said I was near 900 something but actually I'm on level 1014 yep !! I'm addicted lol  it's so fun for me ! I lov3 challenges ! Any questions? Maybe I could help on what games do the bests . Trial and era is how I've gotten this far !! 

Hi I struggle what to write on these things but here goes , my names Natalie nice to meet you all, I have become obsessed with this game I have spent a massive amount of money buying coins ect I just can't help myself lol.

it would make me so happy if anyone has any  tips or cheats or hacks coins ect.... cheesy I know ha .

Amazing slot game very addictive!

Love the game. Needing 4 more invites to unlock the hourly bonus box on top. 

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Heads Up this is talked to keyboard on my phone so it might not be written perfectly. I did my best ! Hi...well this is a brand new Slots Era Acct! My original one is or was at level 1500ish...I LOVE this game but based on my original profile combined with another one which before closing those accounts had reached level 1100ish...the second account I started to test my theory I was developing. Over the last year I had begun spending money at what ended up becoming almost scheduled. It took months before I realized that. What caused me to start noticing this was the fact that before last year at the beginning of last year actually I was bragging about this game and how it always lets me rebound no matter what. I've been playing these kind of games for over a decade and a half and so I know them very well, but this game seemed to always rebound even if it took maximum 2 weeks, but I could always get ahead. I mean my levels were really high they it was already high before I started spending a consistent amount of money. I started noticing how hard it was for me to win and that it seemed if I didn't make my scheduled payment I was screwed. Basically I started testing it and not buying anything. Unfortunately I couldn't do that. I had to because I couldn't get anywhere and I and I like the game way way. Way too much to go back to any of the other ones I've played. It's just so unique. That's when I brought out the second profile I had opened up 2 years ago but never played. That one was at like level 20 or 30 when I opened it up a month or two ago and I couldn't believe the difference. I didn't spend a single dime on it except for when I first opened it up. Just opened up the 30 second box so that I could have that reel open bonus tap box. Whatever you call it anyways The point is when I played for the last 2 months on that second account I got almost all the way to the original account not spending any money consistently winning same thing as my other one and it felt really good. So that's when I decided to move on. Completely revamp everything new Facebook page to connect to and start a whole new profile now that I've been playing this game for so long cuz I like the game so much it's worth staying with. Oh, the other thing was that the glitches the two accounts kept overlaying each other in ways that were becoming too much to explain to support and so I let it go for that reason too cuz I couldn't play right. If you're new to slotsary, give it a chance. It works! I mean the game really does and I'm not saying don't buy anything because there are times and reasons we want to buy things not even because we have to just to get money. But there's fun stuff to buy. Sometimes my personal favorite is to buy the dice with the little map where they go up. You know the map that one. I love to buy those spins when it's on the highest amount. I just like to do that part. You always get a little chunk of money out of it. I like that. I think it's worth it. Some of the stuff they send my inbox that's totally worth buying and I still will get those kinds of things. But I would suggest don't have a schedule of buying like with your payday. You pay this because I think they have algorithms not to get you there are but they are a company and they are trying to make money and the game is free. So you know if they have a written computer algorithm that logs in that kind of information. It's going to adjust stuff based on that anyways. And the other thing is when you win high money and you're really low. Like if you're at the very beginning like level 10 level 30 and you win a couple billion and then you start betting really high. You'll regret it real fast because then it's going to set some of your bets high and it takes a while betting low to reset them back to lower bets. Stay lower when you can. The thing that I have learned to do that's really cool is when I win a lot of money bank it. I'll put it in different slots that have really easy ways to go back and get the jackpots for rainy days and then I can go and play the slots instead of work on my map and go grab that money for emergencies and then there's also if you the thing I like the most about this game. It has some sort of strategy on what to play. Like when you have your five times faster when you know you're not going to go play, you want to play your Max bet slots instead of one of the jackpot slots. Then because you're going to be in and out of the slot so fast when it's the five times win so Max that makes sense if you have enough money you know cuz you're only going to spend once 10 times when is awesome for Max bet? Anyways have fun. I'm still with it sticking with it. I'm at level 56 I began this new profile Monday last week 7 days, so we'll see what happens. Good luck to all. Happy spinning!

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