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Free coins all day .  I just sit and adjust setting.  Mil!ions all day

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How you did and what setting you did  is working on iPhones 

Free coin all day

What settings do you adjust?

Go in to general settings open up date/time and keep adjusting 2 hours up. You can also go into the next day. Remember to adjust the time and date back

All you do is change your time in settings. Go back to game get bonus and go back to settings change time 2hrs later go to game get bonus. It's that simple. Let me know how it went for you. Good Luck
Solo me siento y ajuste la configuración. Mil iones todo el día
If you go into your settings and change your time by 2hrs and 1 min with your game open then back out of settings and back into your game and hit bonus then repeat when you get ready to play your game just put the correct time and date that you can also change. And when you need more coins just do it all over again and again and again ;) have
Time and date in your phone settings
You go to your phone settings and change the time to two hrs ahead go back into the game and get your bonus then go back into settings time and date change time again to two hrs ahead go back into game and claim tour bonus again when you hit the time going into the next day change your date to the next day so if its the 10th change date to the 11th. Then go back into game get bonus Jeep doing that over and over as much as you want just remember to out phone back to the right date and time when your done. When you need more coins do it all over again as much as you want that simple i have a Samsung phone i don't know about the i phone but i don't see why it wont work for any phone

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