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Im on level 667, play the game every day and my bets are quite generous but I never win a jackpot. I see the same names over and over. I will play and see

  • Posted by user1526581541
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Bet winnings recalibrated?

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I’ve noticed how all the games’ winnings pay out much less in their combinations during specific long periods of fire xp? It’s every world, every

  • Posted by LizThomas
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Daily Challenges Equal Big Money

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Are you completing daily challenges?  Currently it takes me about 20 minutes to complete the entire List.  Check your list of challenges, then go to a

  • Posted by GerritGulden
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Really Works

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This is on my android smart phone so it will work on most of not all smart phones. I open game (wizard of Oz) get your 2hr bonus then while game still open go

  • Posted by BrendaTyner
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