Slots - Wizard of Oz Daily Challenges Equal Big Money

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Are you completing daily challenges?  Currently it takes me about 20 minutes to complete the entire List.  

Check your list of challenges, then go to a mentioned slot in the challenge.  

set bet to lowest option, then click spin fast, or use auto clicker.  You will finish your Total spins for the day.  Then collect symbols you need in one slot machine.  I typically complete 3 to 4 challenges in one slot.  

Your biggest challenge is win total amount of money.  remember that its not from one win.  Its a total of all slots you played.  So play winthin your total amount of money on the game.  I like to finish this fast, so I will set to around 500k bet and then click spam the spin button.  Your wins increase fast.  Plus I believe that if you go for challenges the system recognizes and rewards you.  

remember its not the money you earn, but the scratcher reward.  I just select scratch all and boom you have a ton of slot money.  


I'm strictly doing challenges every day, then once I get my scratcher I scratch then quit for the day.  My goal is 1 billion in 10 days.  I will continue to build this guide better with screenshots etc.  

If you have any questions feel free to ask.  Remember that if you get stuck just set your clock an hour ahead to get the daily bonus goal.  Use Adjust time or right click the time on your taskbar, the adjust time.  Turn off automatically set time.  Then change the hour a number ahead.  Then wait 5 seconds for the bonus.  I will do this for 20 minutes and collect like 20mill.  


I will gladly help if you have questions.  I collect daily on this site.  My current total is 150mill.  I will post ss when I get to 1 bill.  After 1 billion I will write more on best games for biggest payouts, etc.  Also if you have anything to add please feel free.  


Get playing.  Have a great day.

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I think they caught on about the clock, it won't let me do it anymore.
eraMaeCook a year agoWHICH WORLD IS IT'S A TWISTER IN?



No. Never set the clock ahead!! Set it backwards (a a couple months back) and move forward from there. NEVER go past the current date and exact time of day. I say this from experience.

Big money for big bonus

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