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I absolutely love this game. Now that I found this it's gonna be hard to keep me off the game. I spend all day playing if I can and have time. Thanks for letting join and enjoy the awesome game even more than usual. 

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In found a new glitch to collect your bonus at least every 10 seconds. No more waiting 2 hours for your bonus you can reach 100 mill in credit easy doing this glitch. I am selling a detailed guide on how to perform this easy glitch. If your interested email me at [email protected] we will talk then. I am charing $8 for this trick. I promise you will never buy credits again 1 time fee of $8 for as many coins as you want. No surveys none of that works on android ^ ios

having a hard time hitting the " mystery gift " any suggestions

I love it too but, finding the extra credits to work or so called hacks are bullshit!!! I can hardly get anything!!!

been looking for extra ways to get free coins thanks for the add


I love this game but i need to find free coins thanks kay
I also tried to claim 10,000,000 credits from 4 hours ago. It said I already claimed the credits though I did not collect them today.
I want to collect ten million every time. How can I get more coins other then collecting bonuses from game hunter. And from the game itself
Love the game

Love it

I'm doing the daily challenge, where do I go to play Visit the Wizard