Slots - Wizard of Oz Wizard of Oz

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I absolutely love this game. Now that I found this it's gonna be hard to keep me off the game. I spend all day playing if I can and have time. Thanks for letting join and enjoy the awesome game even more than usual. 

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Game really fun

I need help 

It had some problems but I still love it

Lewdly love the game

Please fix it 

It's fun
Need help getting massive free coins, want to get to higher levels. Is anyone else having problems when watching the ads to get free coins, it freezes up?
Have for massive coins
I don't understand how to get extra bonus, help, friend me or something,lol
In found a new glitch to collect your bonus at least every 10 seconds. No more waiting 2 hours for your bonus you can reach 100 mill in credit easy doing this glitch. I am selling a detailed guide on how to perform this easy glitch. If your interested email me at [email protected] we will talk then. I am charing $8 for this trick. I promise you will never buy credits again 1 time fee of $8 for as many coins as you want. No surveys none of that works on android ^ ios