Slots - Wizard of Oz Wizard of Oz

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I absolutely love this game. Now that I found this it's gonna be hard to keep me off the game. I spend all day playing if I can and have time. Thanks for letting join and enjoy the awesome game even more than usual. 

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 What world is visit the wizard in on Wizard of Oz slots

How do i get free credits,bonuses.
I love this game, how do I get free bonuses, credits, coins? What are the cheats and hacks? I'm new here, I need to know all the good stuff!
Fucc u

This didn't work anymore why?


Need friends plz add wizard of oz!


How do i get cheats?
Why can't I get new cheat sheet
I love this game.i have invited All my friend from I hope they join me on wizard.oz.i is a cool game and lots of fun.
Hey is there any more. New game wizard.oz slot.a and I love this game.that why I ask if there was.or way you can go to any new slot.let me no.thank you.