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I absolutely love this game. Now that I found this it's gonna be hard to keep me off the game. I spend all day playing if I can and have time. Thanks for letting join and enjoy the awesome game even more than usual. 

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Loving this game more not that I found this page thank you so much for making and everyone thanks for sharing
Im addicted. Need coins badly!!!

need coins

How do I get unlimited coin cheats
How do I get unlimited coins for wizard of oz?
I need help with coins. I bought to many this month

I need help with coins.  I had over 2 bil and it took it all.  Hanging in there with like 10 mil.  I have bought before but can't afford it now.  If I don't win, I have to be done playing until I get some coins back.  It's my fav game too but I will have to stop playing.



What is? Help me
This game is awesome.

Been playing only a month but can't put it down

Oct 25th collected 2 times bonus by clock turn back worked on for 6 hrs though

Comes in handy also bought back a few hours and get more xp like 7 8 Mars better then 15 mincemeat in ha dy