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This is on my android smart phone so it will work on most of not all smart phones. I open game (wizard of Oz) get your 2hr bonus then while game still open go to settings on phone. Go to date and time. Change time for two hrs later than hit back arrow on phone to get back to game click the bonus. Then do all over again. All you have to do is change the time for two hrs later and keep doing that until you have enough to get you going. You can also change the data ahead. It's that easy guys let me know how it went for you. Oh don't forget to fix your date and time to the right settings. HAVE FUN !!!!!!!

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I love playing the Wizard of Oz

mine too


yup it was good but its messed up my daily challenges clock says 191 days before i can play challenge for scratchcard


so much for using clock my vip daily challenge says 191 days before i can play it for scratchcard

I love this game I play everyday and my bonus doesn't go up to show that
Love free coins
Love getting free coins.

NEVER go ahead of the current date and exact time when using the time cheat! Always go backwards and move forward until you get to the current date, before the current time of day/night. It will take you back to day one for your bonus and you get less until you eventually get all those days back.

Also... always try to remember the date they upgrade your VIP status. As of typing this (April 7th, 2018), that date is Feb 14th.

Je sais pas où changer mon heure pour faire ça !
Works great, now my bonus streak is stuck on day 1

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