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Wizard of Oz . When accepting your coins. Click the reward as fast as you can you can collect extra coins I collect over a hundred million. When I do this. After you collect all the extra coins go into a room and bet a huge amount. And you get to keep the coins. If you don't bet fat enough the coins are removed.come back here clean your cookies out and collect the next one a repeat the rapid collect button.  And start over. But always clean cookies or you can't collect the next reward. Not sure on everything this hack works on.. I play on my Samsung tablet. For those whom play the wonks game this works there too. Also works with the free coins on homepage

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Me too.  They just don’t pay enough.

I don’t det very many bonus’s.  Why is that?  So far and in between.  How can you get a bonus and get no coins.

Anyone want to add me as friend on oz will swap bonuses

i play many times out of the day 

Love this game
Love this game,very addicted

Playing the wixard of Oz is great!

I get sad when I run out of coins I enjoy this game so much.


ooooo wwwwwwwww

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