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Wizard of Oz . When accepting your coins. Click the reward as fast as you can you can collect extra coins I collect over a hundred million. When I do this. After you collect all the extra coins go into a room and bet a huge amount. And you get to keep the coins. If you don't bet fat enough the coins are removed.come back here clean your cookies out and collect the next one a repeat the rapid collect button.  And start over. But always clean cookies or you can't collect the next reward. Not sure on everything this hack works on.. I play on my Samsung tablet. For those whom play the wonks game this works there too. Also works with the free coins on homepage

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Hello My name is Bret been playing Wizard of Oz slots a long time. I have 2 Friends. Can you all please add me as I never seem to have enough coins. I will always send them back. Thank you in advance.


This is my favorite game
Would love to figure this out please help....

What is cookies

Add me

Need coins!!

You all can add me for more coins

Can someone do a video on this.  I'm hoping i am missing something.

Love playing. W/o slots


How do you post coins? I've won plenty j know could post some. Regards Jeff

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