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Im on level 667, play the game every day and my bets are quite generous but I never win a jackpot. I see the same names over and over. I will play and see the uncommon name of Seamus win all the time and sometime several times in a row... how is that possible? If there is a winner every 5seconds then eventually the odds will be in my favor, but nothing. This is really quite frustrating.... does anyone else feel the Jackpots are bogus! 


Frustrated in Phoenix.


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I'm on level 367 and I have won the jackpot twice. I don't know how, the spin I won them on, in both cases, didn't win ANY credits. I assume it's just a random pick.
I do as well and what gets me is that I spent lots of my own money and for what, to lose? And I've never won a bonus yet and I'm on level 1025.

Not sure if i won jackpot or not but this is what happened in fearless friends, i managed to hit all the balls , and the number came down from upper left hand corner and added to my score after my score had added up?  Does this mean if I got all the monkeys in the game next to fearless friends ,,,I' d hit jackpot???       Btw i'm only level 504  started playing April of this year.

Same level 1145 not 1 jackpot playing it 2 years same names pop up

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